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I love this game so much! Is there any chance i can get my hands on the raw images/sprites/whatever for the icons and mouse cursor? I wanna try using them on my PC :P

i wanna buy one of the keychains but when i bought one of the ones from One Night, Hot Springs i had to pay $40 shipping...

It's surreal to see a game that looks and sounds this good running on a GBA.

one question: are you going to upload the music anywhere?

one of the few games i managed to get running on my GS, and it's a good port! one recommendation i have is to add some sort of settings to allow for the buttons to be used in the nintendo layout

yeah, but being a PS exclusive would make it much less popular, so it would be fine as long as it's not used as an exclusive.

but you are shoving your opinion in our faces and you told that guy to fuck off, so you are doing everything except not being offensive...

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if it was a playstation exclusive then their sales would be a fraction of what they are now

Pretty nice! a fun short story

oh, then i better get learning!

or is it only Moonscript?

PQ93 community · Created a new topic I'm confused...

Can i program for this in C++?

This is great! just hoping you make it so you can choose what weapon/bomb you want   overall 9/10