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Suggestion: Add grid/slots where you can place buildings(others would not allow it)
My OCD is going crazy when I misplace a building 1 tile in a wrong direction...
Make it so you can only place every 2 tiles in all directions starting from main base.
OR make it so each building can have various sizes(coolant being 2x2, pump 3x2 or 3x3 etc...With images that take as much space too)

OR maybe Pump requires Water tile and is 1x1 only(so you avoid situation where you get 1 tile of water and cant place a pump there.
OR you can add "roads" that will increase speed(you can place it on water too), so your path finding would use roads if it's faster to get to the location.

So many possibilities, this game has lot's of potential, I hope to see it someday on Steam when it's "finished"

Thank you for the feedback. I love your idea for buildings and will look at working them into an upcoming version. We are working on a large update right now.

Thanks so much for you positive feedback and I hope some day it's finished on steam also.