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Hi @1up Indie2, thank you very much for your purchase, i hope you enjoy it! I would love to see what you can do with these assets and will be happy if you can share it in the comments!


Sure, I will keep you updated on that front. Any plans for the future or collaborations?

You style is what I was looking for because the artist "Free game Assets" here is doing good pixel art, but the characters are a bit clunky to use, your versions are in this regard a welcome addition to make a round game happen.

I would love to work in collaborations but I don't have much time because, unfortunately, pixel art and game dev are not my main job. But please send me an email to so that you can give me more details about your idea. If I'll can contribute with my free time, it would be amazing!

By the way, what do you mean by clunky characters?

I always test my assets on the game engine before release to ensure that it will be easy to use for anyone, so I accept suggestions on sprite structure or any other type of problem you may notice.