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This is very interesting, does it actually run on a gameboy? I don't currently have an emulator, but may try it out later on one.

The art is great for being so limited, and I enjoyed the gameplay. It felt pretty solid and I don't have many complaints! I do agree with XCompWiz about the lack of a map, it would be very helpful. Other than that, awesome job!

Thank you for checking it out!

Yes, it is an actual Game Boy game! The gb file is available to download and should run with any emu (though I've only extensively tested it with BGB as that is part of my dev environment). If you do give it a try on one and run into any problems, please let me know so I can look into it.

Glad to hear that you enjoyed it and like the art! I would have loved to have had a map system, but unfortunately didn't have time to get around to it. Perhaps in an updated future version though!