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Expected the game to play like a shmup from the screenshots, but it felt more like something of the likes of SuperHexagon, I guess due to the sheer difficulty on the first couple of tries - however, it gets easier with practice and it felt rewarding to play again. A nice touch is having the highscore right on the main menu screen, got to 820 points and felt alright about it for a while.

Movement is not very traditionally-feeling, but you get used to it, it also contributes to the twitchy nature of the game. Was confused at first about why there was no diagonal shooting despite having diagonal movement, but later on it made sense due to how the enemy spawning works.

As always, it's lovely to see a game with a consistent approach to style.

Enemy indicators on the edges of the screen are also very helpful, liked that idea a lot, too.

The music is a fun little piece that doesn't really get old in a quick session and it fits quite well, despite not being traditionally space-y.