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awesome plots/twists. liked/loved everything except the wheel of fallacies which i solved mostly through trial and error. enabling or disabling individual minigames would make me want to play with minigames on as that one was 95% of the reason i turned off minigames. 

thanks for the game (racial bundle)! and for the light novels which i am looking forward to reading. i wound up buying your 100 detectives game because of this.

(review i posted on a forum i go to)



Broken Minds visual novel where you, the client, help the detectives investigate murders. they are...bad at it. you have to guide them to the correct clues and deductions, or at least the ones you want them to look at.

i chose the simpler version of the game where you picked motivation/dialogue/action options as opposed to the minigames version. options for the motivation choices include bleak, psychotic, and nice aside from the other normal chat text. combinations of the two make you more of a liar, expiator(someone who makes amends), or puppet. you can be quite twisted as i followed the bad ending route and did some messed up stuff. some of the characters are definitely twisted. i liked that route as the protag just did things that were so abnormal that i had no idea how things were going to end. choosing different motivations make your thoughts and actions different (nice psychotic will do different things to the evidence than the nice expiator). even the physical text changes, with the psychotic reaction to hanging out versus the normal person's being hilarious.

after you get one ending you get a flowchart option that shows how to get to a good or bad ending though there's only a few spots where you can be psychotic/bleak/nice. there are quite a few endings though. i am definitely going to go through to see where the other outcomes land me.

edit: just tried the minigames, they are a mixed bag. after solving a run or two i tried them out and there's a puppet theater one that's fun, a build a piece of evidence one that creates the object piece by piece after you correctly describe it, pick two sections of the brain that relate to a sentence, and a horrid wheel of logic fallacies one that i hate so much i am never going to enable the minigames again.

edit 2: the "true" endings are truly crazy wtfery but the mystery's solution was pretty good!


Hey, thanks so much for the review! Yup, Wheel of Fallacies are really horrible, even I don't like playing through them at this point, so, they definitely won't be coming back for the sequel lol. Doll Theater is also my favorite. Thanks for getting Methods!! :)