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thanks for the game (got it from the racial justice bundle). i chuckled at the joke where the grey expressed amusement that "some of these humans have small humans inside them!"

omg i thought that was Alice 🤣

thanks a bunch! been enjoying the game, glad I can finish it.

thanks for the game (one of the charity bundles). had a question:  went to help the elf at night and it said to talk to bellera. there's no one around named that. the stores are closed, the tent is closed off, and half the map is blocked off. there's alice, the barkeep, an inaccessible woman in the kitchen, and the gambling guy in the bar. the one available house won't let me in and it says talk to bellera. where is bellera?

if I recall correctly you need to send an email and you get a password

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good game, liked the memories.i only got the cd because someone mentioend it already.

aha, did the thing in real life i needed to do to get it

i got into the discord, saw tnguye's user id and password on the website, but i don't know local's password. can i get a hint for that?

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great to hear! thanks for putting this in the bundle. the mayor was my favorite.

the only flaw was that i spent way too long trying to get the hat on the hatstand in the detective office into my inventory, maybe get rid of it or add message that a white hat will stain too easily if put on a brain?

um, is there a download file?

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the mechanic is fun but the sameness dulls the experience after a few minutes. some upgrades to make the gun do more bounces or shoot multiple balls or even some wacky stuff like auto shoot (no need to click mouse button) would extend the gameplay. i almost feel a version with no enemies would be nice where you have to bounce the shot in properly to advance would work better.

thanks for the game!

how do i divide up supplies? i got 600 ammo in one turret because i grabbed ammo from one turret to go to another but it just added to my giant personal pool.

why is my conveyer belt not moving? it shows two pure gold balls from the purifier and then does not turn the corner like i have it arranged.

i  sticked with the game but the tutorial boxes were definitely offputting. as soon as you clicked something the box blocks you from seeing it. having it to the corner so you could see what the tutorial box would be nice. also, another box pops up as soon as you finish reading the first one. people can only take info in chunks, so having to go through another box before you can actually do what the first box said means it is easy to forget or overlook what you were trying to do. also, tehre's no log so if you needed to reread something it was gone forever.

great game, really enjoyed it. the way it handles internal struggles is well done. thanks for putting it in the bundle.

gameplay question, don't read if you haven't played:




i finished the game(loved entrophy's look and music). but i had one question, is it possible to change beliefs or sfeilb? i got the totems from them (total 10) but i was wondering if i was supposed to do something with the shrine to make the beliefs stop worshipping or if i was only supposed to get reflect for the mirror. 

thanks again!

cool, thanks!

okay, found the issue: realized that i can get steve to examine stuff in the bag. thanks, fun game!

hmmmm, i just get the "can't make deductions" from steve when i combine the book, the map  in irene's office. and all combinations of the below clues and bag items. 

x Behind Dad’s desk is a world map
x The entrance to Dad’s real office is somewhere behind his desk in LotF
-Laser Pointer

in dad's office the map and book get me "I couldn't find a way to use that there."

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thanks, one last bit please! i used the stick and got the list of countries, with india not in there. i talked with cultists, the drunk, and the bartender about the book and they mentioned buddhism, the blood, and the museum. what am i missing to get irene to google "Lion Capital of Ashoka"?

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hey, i was having fun but the deductions are really killing me now. i give up since at this point i am simply doing every combinations of every item and location and deduction and failing. 

i tried to burn my dad's corpse and blew up myself with the pod tubes and matches. what am i supposed to deduce/find/combine, etc?

(edited out some spoilers)

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i think you don't open tape, you drop the txt file into the exe file? i don't remember exactly so make a backup before you try.


trivia questions provide a good variety from placing a marker on a map to polling questions, to the number in tommy tutones's one hit wonder. the mechanic where your ammo is used up by how much you are off by provides a nice way to buffer the hit from not knowing a piece of trivia as you can often logic your way to getting within non-crippling range of an answer. it never gets repetitive as the questions are broken up by fun text conversations between you and your boss, which i looked forward to reading after every level.

i had skipped the Exit, gone to see the pump gear rooms and turned them all off despite not knowing what they did. then i went through the exit door. it said i needed to get rid of the putrid water and then got stuck there on the grey text screen and wouldn't let me click to go to the game again.  reloading repeated the issue. i assume i broke the game by doing the solution before reading the problem. do i need to start over?

thanks for including the game in the pal/ukraine bundles.

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quick fun though the ending is a bit of a downer given how comedic 98% of the game is. thanks for including it in the ukraine bundle!

thanks! yup, after the u turn it wanted to crash but the uneven design made it spiral, thus making it miss the ground for most of a kilometer. 

as for suggestions/bugs

-is it possible to make the parts resizeable(nothing drastic, i just want two cubes to fit one fuselage)

-45 degree angle rotation, got to make those x-wings and prove they can't fly

-i got the uneven design idea because i had an unattached fin that was too close to the plane and it counted as part of the model. the sim showed the plane spiraling with the fin unattached but connected by a blue line to the wing about half a wing length away(that bug got me 750 meters)

-make both left and right shift let you zoom, unless you got plans for right shift, like holding right shift "locks"  a dimension like left and right so the part only goes up and down

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thanks, and thank you for putting it in the ukraine bundle! works now. here is my 867.48 meter prototype, the AESIM (aerospace engineer spirals into madness). technically -800 meter distance as it did a 180 degree turn then spiraled out in the wrong direction.

"some instability is wanted in a fighter, as a plane that wants to turn will be more maneuverable." yup, here's a single canard on the right side of a forward mounted engine. 

is it possible to please add some instructions? 

i can't get any wing surfaces to stand up vertically so they can be used as fins/tails. R just rotates them. 

is there a key to make they mirror the part so I can use them on left and right?


ah, ok, thanks! :)

thanks for the game! (ukraine bundle)

can you tell me what do i need to do to get other endings? i got #2 it said.

you pc download ends in "zip.exe" which i think is making my browser not allow it to be downloaded

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hey, how do you edit themes? i pop opened one of the svg files in inkscape, changed some colors, saved, and nothing happens when i drop the new svg into tape.

(edit never mind, i opened it in a text editor and changed the values there)

seems like a relaxing game except i can't get the fire to actually display/render. i see the brightness effects and hear it crackling. any tips besides latest drivers?

radeon vega M GL

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great game! got it through the palestinian relief bundle. loved the developer code mode and the screenshot. *****

reminded me of the android game "there is no game."

only thing would be to make it slightly faster walk speed.

thanks for adding this to the bundle. although short it is a fun little game and the comics format worked well. i liked the pdf option at the end as well!

great game but total missed opportunity for calling it snakes on a 2d plane

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download didn't work in chrome, i tried the new ms edge and it worked, so maybe another browser might do it.

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awesome plots/twists. liked/loved everything except the wheel of fallacies which i solved mostly through trial and error. enabling or disabling individual minigames would make me want to play with minigames on as that one was 95% of the reason i turned off minigames. 

thanks for the game (racial bundle)! and for the light novels which i am looking forward to reading. i wound up buying your 100 detectives game because of this.

(review i posted on a forum i go to)



Broken Minds visual novel where you, the client, help the detectives investigate murders. they are...bad at it. you have to guide them to the correct clues and deductions, or at least the ones you want them to look at.

i chose the simpler version of the game where you picked motivation/dialogue/action options as opposed to the minigames version. options for the motivation choices include bleak, psychotic, and nice aside from the other normal chat text. combinations of the two make you more of a liar, expiator(someone who makes amends), or puppet. you can be quite twisted as i followed the bad ending route and did some messed up stuff. some of the characters are definitely twisted. i liked that route as the protag just did things that were so abnormal that i had no idea how things were going to end. choosing different motivations make your thoughts and actions different (nice psychotic will do different things to the evidence than the nice expiator). even the physical text changes, with the psychotic reaction to hanging out versus the normal person's being hilarious.

after you get one ending you get a flowchart option that shows how to get to a good or bad ending though there's only a few spots where you can be psychotic/bleak/nice. there are quite a few endings though. i am definitely going to go through to see where the other outcomes land me.

edit: just tried the minigames, they are a mixed bag. after solving a run or two i tried them out and there's a puppet theater one that's fun, a build a piece of evidence one that creates the object piece by piece after you correctly describe it, pick two sections of the brain that relate to a sentence, and a horrid wheel of logic fallacies one that i hate so much i am never going to enable the minigames again.

edit 2: the "true" endings are truly crazy wtfery but the mystery's solution was pretty good!

pretty much loved everything except the text display speed (even with clicking) and the ending (har har unavoidable ending you can see coming to punish you for continuing to play the game).

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great game, liked the puzzles (clever but not so "clever" i was cursing at the devs like most other adventure games). hint system was great (except for the red/gold/white wires puzzle which just said to figure out the wires with the locker buttons, i knew that part but was getting befuddled). most of the puzzles are great and would make a nice real life escape room.

the only issue was that my mouse worked fine with the default set up. then when i went to the game again the pointer disappeared. eventually i needed to change my mouse pointer to the base scheme? maybe? or the part where i tried compatibility mode? or one of the dpi settings options? anyway i had to spend like half an hour to get my mouse pointer to show up and not sure what solved it.

frustrating that i can't beat the tutorial with 6 firefighters. embers go through everything, closed doors or not. the family must be al queda gardeners with stored explosives and ammonia nitrate everywhere in the house. every time i move a firefighter the fire gets a turn. even though with 6 guys i should be doing 6x the work i am actually just making it spread 6x faster.

i choose the complex ruleset and long narrow house and used the firefighter with the 3 free extinguish and managed to solo win the level with loss of one guy and 7 rescued, one dead at the other side of the house, one i dropped outside far from the ambo, and one i was hauling to the stretcher when house finally went down. so the control the fire strat is the winning one as listed above.

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sometimes clicking the mouse does nothing and i have to quit the game and restart it. same with gamepad. not sure what causes it. happens in base building mostly. i had to get around it by unplugging the gamepad and using mouse only after exiting game.

great game btw.  been going crazy maxing out my weapons and now my fireworks are so crazy i can barely see the enemy shots coming at me ;D

Intel i7-8705G

it's not just jumping to a new sector. moving two inches through the blackness of space will cause the program to freeze for 30 seconds or longer.

CUK Intel Hades Canyon NUC Mini Compact Gamer PC (Intel i7-8705G, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 500GB NVMe SSD, AMD Radeon RX Vega M GL, Windows 10 Home) Tiny Gaming Desktop Computer - Thunderbolt 3, 4K Support

win 10