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Hi there Green Worm,

Great game,
However, it could be harder.
I was able to complete the game and what I instantly saw was that I could speed run with just the Fighters. My second game I went Fighters and then went full Mage at the end.


  • Your guy's stats decease when at low health.
  • Loot becomes scarce the more often you visit an area.
  • You need a ranger in your party to get the loot boost.
  • You need a mage in your party to get magic resistance
  • I was expecting some explosions from the enemy, why doesn't the enemy have this ability?
  • And also... the dragon was week. This is an insult to all dragonkind. It only took my whole party to kill it in one turn and it did very little damage back to one guy when I went back to test it's strength.

However, overall, the design and playstyle of this game is nice. It's simple and you understand what you are doing straight away. I'm not a fan of grinding games but it really distracted me from working. Anyway, I don't mind if you take my notes as a grain of salt. The game just felt a bit lackluster when I was able to complete it under 30 days, and that was on my first run.

I didn't feel much of a rush because the enemies felt weak and I knew that if I just spammed the attack ability modifiers on a mage and spammed "explosion" I could just win without getting hit at all.

I think you need to try and force players to have at least one of each class in their army. But make it subtitle in a way that doesn't say "you're gonna lose if you don't". you need to make them to make that decision yourself which in this game you did. It was just very easy to win with just one class.

Anyway, I think I have rabbled on a little too much here.

Thanks heaps for the fun game.
Kind regards,

Great feeback thanks ! I'm planning on releasing an update with bug fixes and challenges this week, stay tuned ;)