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A nice short quick game.

There are a few bugs but this was nice to kill some time at lunch.

I hate how this demo forces you to kill a poor innocent dragon just to get to the next stage.


All that has happened has happened and will happen again.

Is this vore?


When I saw the picture preview I was like "No way aye".

I was actually expecting someone to meme about and create something that was just a video of the game or a link to their stellairs live stream.

Anyway, this is a nice little game but once you figure it out, you will be winning every game.

- - -
Okay so I went a little too far on my review here.
Please take this all as a grain of salt if you don't plan to work on this any further.
- - -

This game would keep me playing longer if there were multiple maps (but this is depending if you coded it in this way.) but so far I was happy playing after 2 wins.

As for the machinists. The AI is alright. They wont just attack you but sometimes their paths are a bit random.

There is also a bug when you move armies from place to place.
Let's explain this....

  1. So if I have an army on planet 1,2 and 3.
  2. I can then move the army on planet 1 to planet 2
  3. and then move both armies onto planet 3.
  4. I can then move all armies onto planet 4.

I guess by the way you coded it, there is no good fix but there is a solution, if you have room for it in your code.

Make it so when you move an army onto a planet. The amount of armies you can then move = minus x (x= the amount of armies that you just moved) and then when you create an army on that planet make it +1 so you can counter that all out.
When you finish the turn make it so the variable holding this number is wiped so the AI can use it.

By math this solution should work, but there is probably a way it could break say if I did the following.

  1. Moved 5 armies onto a planet that had 3 enemies on it. I kill them all and I am left with 2.
  2. Now the variable might equal -5 when it should equal -2.
  3. This would only be a problem if I was playing humans and if I was then to move 2 of my leaders onto that same planet.
  4. I then use up my 2 turns on one leader to colony the planet and then the other to build armies.

If this problem I state does occur then the modifier I'm suggesting would stop you from moving your new armies because the modifier would be -1 or 0. When it should equal +1 or +2.

A way to fix this in the code is to either make it so the fight happens before the armies land on the planet. That way it will only register if its YourArmies= true and then from there the code will read the amount of armies and save that value until it's reset. (Also to note that it will probably be best to reset the variable for the planet if YourArmies = false).

Again. Thanks for the game. It was cool to play and hopefully my little solution here fixes that bug. 

As for other things. The slider to move armies from planet to planet is a bit annoying and I would like to point out that I kept getting confused between the move button and the fact that the armies move button was the slider.

Also I think it would be helpful if you made it known that the selections on a planet will override your old ones because I first had the feeling of "Hey I can have 2 research on this planet cool!"

Anyway. Besides the visual issues of not being able to understand what is going on, I got he hang of this game after 3 tries and I was able to win once with the lizards and once with the humans.

Also the humans don't have a count down timer but that was fun to just try and do everything I could and then get cut off before I was able to move my armies.

- - -
Boy that was long and hopefully you can understand all of that.

The game was fun but there were some bug that I went through above. Please let me know if you can get this done. Otherwise, if you can't do so I am not too fussed.

Otherwise, keep up the great work and have fun making games mate.

Kind regards,

Because there was no timer I got a little worked up.
Nice job making me scared in a basic little html game.

Otherwise, this is a very hard game to beat.

Hey, nice game mate. The scrolling speed could be a little quicker though.

Hi there Green Worm,

Great game,
However, it could be harder.
I was able to complete the game and what I instantly saw was that I could speed run with just the Fighters. My second game I went Fighters and then went full Mage at the end.


  • Your guy's stats decease when at low health.
  • Loot becomes scarce the more often you visit an area.
  • You need a ranger in your party to get the loot boost.
  • You need a mage in your party to get magic resistance
  • I was expecting some explosions from the enemy, why doesn't the enemy have this ability?
  • And also... the dragon was week. This is an insult to all dragonkind. It only took my whole party to kill it in one turn and it did very little damage back to one guy when I went back to test it's strength.

However, overall, the design and playstyle of this game is nice. It's simple and you understand what you are doing straight away. I'm not a fan of grinding games but it really distracted me from working. Anyway, I don't mind if you take my notes as a grain of salt. The game just felt a bit lackluster when I was able to complete it under 30 days, and that was on my first run.

I didn't feel much of a rush because the enemies felt weak and I knew that if I just spammed the attack ability modifiers on a mage and spammed "explosion" I could just win without getting hit at all.

I think you need to try and force players to have at least one of each class in their army. But make it subtitle in a way that doesn't say "you're gonna lose if you don't". you need to make them to make that decision yourself which in this game you did. It was just very easy to win with just one class.

Anyway, I think I have rabbled on a little too much here.

Thanks heaps for the fun game.
Kind regards,