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Showing of the Scarf Cat, as well as the new grinding rails! This new gimmick is quite Sonic the Hedgehog-inspired, but operates on it's own custom set of rules.

First off, once you land on the rail, it takes your current horizontal speed, increases it a bit and locks that in until you leave the rail. It applies the horizontal speed, then checks if you've just passed a slope, and if true, it also adjusts your vertical position. And if you press [Down] while going down a slope, your speed will increase a ton, but going up a slope will decrease your speed. While you can't do long jumps or backflips from the rail, you can still jump from the rail, which you can use to correct your momentum. The grinding rails are also an excuse for me to overuse particle effects :P

It's fairly difficult to come up with ideas for gimmicks that aren't feeling too 'gimmicky', and while I feel I've done a good job on this, I definitely want to test it some more.