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Some thoughts I had while playing:

I really like the way the tiles pop in - very juicy.

The tile selection and inventory management feels kinda clunky. It would be a huge help if the game automatically highlihted nearby actions and you could maybe toggle between the with a single key. For example, when approaching the door with a scroll in the inventory, couldn't I just use the scroll right away with a hotkey? Same with picking up items, good stuff could be picked up just by walking over it or pressing a key when standing.

Music and sound effects are top notch, fittingly dark and brooding.

I kinda wish I could move more than one tile when holding the move keys.

Killed a skeleton after like 3 tries, neat position based combat, reminds me of DROD a bit

Found the lockpick - damn, it's still so much buttonwork to do such a simple task.

Couldn't figure out the pickaxe, hit the wall indicated on the writing a bunch of times but nothing happened.