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Jeez, thanks for all this feedback :D

There are definitely issues with the water pump preview, thanks for pointing that out 

Ah, the dessicator bug has got to do with the way the game is loaded! Thanks

The greenhouse preview is because the greenhouse itself actually takes up 4 tiles haha so it's the cost of the greenhouse - 4. Minor bug but thanks

Good points on the hangar. 

I kinda like that the steam turbine leaves riverbed, it allows the landscape to tell a bit of a story. But I'll think about it.

Water pumps do go further on elevated terrain but that's not turtorialized :P

I can change it so that ESC hides the text once the game is complete :)

Thank you so much for this, it warms my heart and the team loves it as well that you are providing such wonderful and detailed feedback. I hope the game continues to provide you with fun :D

No problem! I hope these little things help make it the best game it can be!