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Unity :)

Ok I will try that. I really appreciate the help, thank you

Thank you

Hi there, I cannot initiate a payout successfully, every payout I initiate has the error: Action cannot be performed because the payee is inactive

I have no idea why this is the case. I have made many successful payouts before. I emailed support over 2 weeks ago for help with this and I have received nothing back. Please can someone follow up with this for me. Does itch not have a dedicated support email for creators? It's really hard to use the platform to make a living when there is so little feedback and the turn around times are so long.

Wonderful and magical :D I love this

You need to extract the zip archive first


See my post :)

Hey there, you need to click on a region on the map. You can force windowed with CMD line arguments in this version but no other way, I remember there were some comments about it below

Thanks for the lovely support everyone!

it's zircon

Yeah the balance was not perfect haha. Might do a post-jam build if people are enjoying it

+1 for this, would be really great for games

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Unfortunately, probably not :( this is not a "remaster" with the same content, it's got loads of new stuff that we would have to make brand new art for

Fixed! Sorry about that :)

Wow thanks so much!

That's absolutely fine! Hope your article goes well :)

Try CMD+click opening it?

Hey! Pop me a mail at

DM me on twitter

<3 <3

All the maps are randomly generated with some initial constraints

Stay tuned ;)

Hey there! Thanks for the feedback

Hey! I'm really sad to hear that's been your experience. I'll definitely take your feedback on board. If you want to DM me on twitter at I can give you some dev cheats if you want to continue

:/ sorry to hear that, thanks for the feedback

Hey! Can you press the down arrow below the bank? Or is it not there in the mac version?

Ofc :P

Hey, really sorry to hear this :/ if you DM me on twitter I'll tell you some dev cheats to get past that area so you don't have to play it again

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What a wonderful experience. Cute animals and fantastic music! I had a lot of fun 5/5 :D


I've just posted a new build, where I've zipped a DMG file - this should hopefully solve the permissions issue

@Buldozer @iamfire297 I've just posted a new build, where I've zipped a DMG file - this should hopefully solve the permissions issue, please try for me

Damn! Sorry :/ I'm busy investigating to see whether I can come up with a different solution for you

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Maybe try this? It seems to be a permissions issue with the ZIP

For Mac users who’ve downloaded an .app, you’ll need to do a bit of Terminal maintenance. Right-click the .app, navigate to /Contents/MacOS, and find the single Unix executable file. Open a terminal window and type in “chmod +x “, then drag in the Unix executable. You should wind up something that looks like this:

chmod +x /Users/UserName/Downloads/Terra

Hit enter, you should see the icon change, and your .app should be good to go!

Hey! Are you running the terminal in the same directory as the app? Also, have you moved the app to your Applications folder?

It's definitely something on my radar. I feel like tier 3 needs a little more love

Yes! It's part of the challenge of that level :)

Wonderful! Glad to help