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Thank you!


Ah! It really does need some quality of life improvements

Yeah, thanks for letting me kno

Cool ideas, thanks for playing

Thank you for your kind words :)

Thank you!

Thanks! Not sure at the moment, sort of depends on the reception, I've got a lot vying for my attention :)


Yeah there's a bug there, thanks for the heads up!

Did you try the windows with resolution dialog download?

Aha! I'm glad you solved it :)

Check this article, maybe you need to change your security settings

I'll also do another build, just to be safe

Interesting ideas! Thanks for the feedback :)

I like the orange idea, and I agree about the leaf symbol yeah 

Sometimes OSX doesn't let you open files from the internet. Try CMD+Clicking on it to open, if that doesn't work let me know

Thank you!

I've uploaded a separate windows build which should allow you to pick your resolution and play windowed :)

Sure, are you on windows? I can make a new build

Hey, I just uploaded a standalone windows build

When I get a chance I'll do a downloadable Windows build :)

Hey! Sorry to hear that, do you think you could try in a different browser for me and tell me what happens? Someone reported this error in Chrome on Mac

Thanks so much for all the feedback! :)

Thanks, I'll update the description.

Thank you :)

Hey, thanks for taking the time to write such a long comment and give such detailed feedback. I've had people mentioning this problem to me before with similar suggestions of solutions. I'm really not keen on making the tiles enter from a different directions, for a few reasons:

1. The metaphor of match-3 games with tiles falling from the top is incredibly important to me. Not breaking this expectation goes a very long way to making the game easier to pick up and understand.

2. Since the very beginning, one of the main challenges of the game has been keeping your towers up, constantly reshuffling for an optimal ordering.

However, I do agree that there may be an issue here, I just don't think the solution is to change the direction of the falling. It's probably also a question of balance, where I haven't made the horizontal shooting towers strong enough / vertical shooting ones weak enough.

As for your second point, I don't think that allowing enemies to destroy every tower will be a particularly fun experience, and I agree with you that the feedback loop will make the game very hard.

Yeah, for reasons I don't really understand, the FFW doesn't accurately do everything and the same speed. It's on my bug list atm

Hey, the balance has definitely been tweaked. The late game is harder for sure. And I'm pretty sure the multiplier is working :)

Hey, I'm very glad to hear you like it :D 

Initially for desktop but planning an Android/IOS port after that

Congrats :D

:D Well done! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it that much

Hey there, sorry to hear about that. That is intentional 2x2 is one of the combinations you can make. I see you managed to top the leaderboard, it would be awesome if you would join our discord and come and share some of your insights and strategies, plus you can see how the development of the game is going :)

Thanks for this feedback, come join our discord so you can share these insights and see the progress of the new version :)

That's very much an intentional design decision :) keeping towers evenly spread  is one of the challenges the player must overcome. I am, however, in the process of building some nice new tools that allow players the ability to restructure their towers more easily, so watch this space for a new version.

You need to download the midi file and then use a different program to add instruments and convert it. Try