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More bug reports! I'll keep them over here to avoid cluttering the main page.

1. In the below screenshot, the lower-left water pump's preview appears not to be tracing a water path through the space to its bottom-left. When placed on the map, it behaves as expected.

2. Let's say that you start a fire, and while the fire is burning, you place another building and then undo it. Looks like the game doesn't correctly restore the gamestate to before the building was placed.
In the screenshot below, after performing the above undo, some areas transformed from burnt ash to fertile soil, although before the fire they had been greenery. See the areas between the fields of ash. 

If I had to guess, that might be caused by applying buildings to the map in the wrong order after undoing a move.

3. In the below screenshot, the greenhouse's price preview is wrong. (A greenhouse costs $25, but the preview says -29.) Not sure why. 

4. During Tier 3, the UI lets you build a Hangar multiple times, although there's only one place to put it and you only need one. 

5. During Tier 3, if you recycle a Steam Generator, it might be worth detecting which terrain was next to it? In the screenshot below, there's a dry riverbed in the upper-left (because it didn't rain after recycling), which maybe should be filled in with wetlands instead of riverbed. Possibly only if none of the surrounding spaces are rivers, though.

Minor comments:

  • Do water pumps on elevated land output water further than normal? I suspect it's longer than the preview would suggest, but I haven't tested it. Could be good to have the preview match the actual range, though.
  • Could you add a button to hide the UI, for prettier screenshots? Alternatively, maybe if you don't touch any controls for a few seconds, the UI fades out until the user touches the controls again? (Edit: But, if someone wants to look at the prices and think, that might not be a good idea. Hmm.)
    • I like taking a screenshot of the level after every game, but I usually have to take one right before the "Wasteland Reclaimed" text pops up, to avoid the UI.

Thanks again for making this game! It's been a ton of fun so far. (Took me so many tries to finish the Island.) I'm really looking forward to what you'll add in the next version!


Jeez, thanks for all this feedback :D

There are definitely issues with the water pump preview, thanks for pointing that out 

Ah, the dessicator bug has got to do with the way the game is loaded! Thanks

The greenhouse preview is because the greenhouse itself actually takes up 4 tiles haha so it's the cost of the greenhouse - 4. Minor bug but thanks

Good points on the hangar. 

I kinda like that the steam turbine leaves riverbed, it allows the landscape to tell a bit of a story. But I'll think about it.

Water pumps do go further on elevated terrain but that's not turtorialized :P

I can change it so that ESC hides the text once the game is complete :)

Thank you so much for this, it warms my heart and the team loves it as well that you are providing such wonderful and detailed feedback. I hope the game continues to provide you with fun :D

No problem! I hope these little things help make it the best game it can be!