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Hi! This game is really creative and unique. I don’t think I’ve ever played a puzzle game like this before. The levels are pretty challenging. I’m at puzzle 9 and its getting pretty hard haha.

I think what was difficult to understand at first was the values/names on the resources and buildings. You get used to it but having them clearer would create a smoother gameplay. Like the top bar values could use icons next to their name so we can associate them faster with their cost/gain from the tooltip. 

In the tooltip “population”, “energy, food, gold” and “happiness could be separate from each other since they are separated in other places. they could be in the same order as well. like energy, food then gold. then at the end you put a happiness but presented differently. maybe a red/yellow bar depending on loss/gain. just to mimic the energy bar to the right.

i just think it could be easier with clearer visual hierarchy. the game is fun to play and the increase in difficulty is pretty gradual. having buildings synergize together adds more difficulty to the game too. 

I agree, the UI or a more clear recourse visualization would be great. I want to keep things simple and clean still but some reactions seem still a bit unclear. It also does not help that I'm not completely convinced about all the mechanics/ building reactions. think the base is a bit confusing to start with ;) i made a better happiness handling already (behind the scenes.

But sounds great if you want to help with the UI stuff i seem to be a bit stuck on how to do this in the best way. This project is just a game as a learning experience/ portfolio thing so can't really give you much back in return. But the plan is to make a fun little game that eventually ends up on the android play store and is fully completed :) hopefully in a little over a month or so.