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Bug Report:

Found another bug or two for ya.

When the 'Exit Dots' option is disabled, then loading a save game, the exit dots show up again.

Also, had an issue with the 'Tilt When Zoomed' option, where zooming in causes the queen bee to float a fair bit above her throne.

And, just noticed a minor typo; the description for the Research 'Royal Decrees' spells the word 'positive' incorrectly. (It says 'positve'.

P.S. Thanks to your (devs) response , and my enjoyment with the game, I decided to make the purchase. (Plus an additional $2 tip)


Queen Floating:


Regarding the floating Queen, do you have repro steps for that at all?

I have no clue how it started, but it persists in my save game between sessions.

I was possibly switching between the tilting and regular camera modes when it started though, I think.

Okeydokey. I found a bug where the Queen could climb if a game was saved while the Throne Room was "popped" on mouse over, and then that game was loaded with the mouse cursor not being over the Throne Room, resulting in the Queen being spawned at her higher "popped" position. I also found a possible bug where switching between inspect mode while having the mouse over/not over the Queen and Throne Room in certain combinations (combinations more likely when the camera is tilted) could also result in some oddness.

I've got fixes for both of these, and something to check for bad saved Queen positions that will go out in the next patch. Unless something more specific rears its head, I'm happy to assume for now that these will address what you've experienced.

That should be fixed in v1.1-54. Thanks again!