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Bug: When starting in Montreal, Canada, you can click an invisible harbour just west of the city, and buy boats that are invisible and unclickable, too.


@Eric, sent you an email w/bug report (and suggestion for a fix).

Commenting here to be sure you receive it.

Hotkeys for zooming in and out would be nice. I am playing on a laptop trackpad, and don't think there's any way for me to zoom without a mouse wheel.


Not sure if this is still being updated, but I like it, so I donated $1 anyways.

Only thing is, I wish there was a way to save your game to come back to it later.

I play on a laptop, and do not have access to a mouse wheel.

I cannot zoom in while playing, making the game impossible to play. Can you please add the option to zoom with keyboard shortcuts, or something?

Or if there's another way around this, please let me know.


Welcome, and thanks for checking out my game!

Feel free to post your thoughts and feedback.