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I appreciate the visual aesthetic, it definitely creates a creepy atmosphere. I actually got spooked by some birds that flew overhead (in game).

In terms of gameplay, I think my biggest issue with the game is it is very long. My memory at least of playing Oregon Trail as a kid, the runs were 15-30 minutes long because you would fail often and if you were lucky it would an hour and you'd win. I've been playing for around 25 minutes and I was around 260 miles so only like 20% of the way there. This is in part due to how far you have to travel, but I think more severe is the random events that increase your distance to travel. They seem to pop up too often mainly because it takes so long to travel 5 miles, that getting +5 miles every 10 random events ends up being a lot.

Also relatedly, I think you should be able to fail faster. I didn't really think I was playing with much strategy in mind and wasn't punished for it <-- not sure how to solve this one, mainly balancing of events I guess. 

For more events, I would suggest focusing on action events (skill-based) like the falling roof and scavenge events. I find having some influence over your results can help. An example is you could take the wild dogs event, there isn't a reason (I could see at least) for choosing a warning shot since killing the dog gives you the same resources and more. Instead you could have a warning shot be always successful, but no resources (as it is right now), but choosing to shoot to kill requires the player to click on the dog as it's moving towards you like a gallery shooter or something. And every shot you take is ammo you lose and if you don't hit your mark you lose some health.

From a purely story perspective, it's a little strange that you're heading to a nondescript city hall that is 300 miles away (you could practically cross half of Europe in 300 miles). It would also be interesting in my opinion if you didn't have an exact number of how far you are from the goal or what % chance an action will succeed and how many health points a character has. Instead if you were given an estimate of how far you have to go when you start, and maybe an estimate of how far you've traveled every time you take a break (maybe you can find a map that lets the player see another estimate of how far they are from the goal, and maybe even helps you stay on course - stops the setbacks - for a certain distance). You could also describe that certain actions are risky or not, or even not tell them the risks and just describe the environment instead of giving exact odds. Force the players to figure out how to survive in a game about survival ;-)

This was a lot of feedback, so sorry if its a little much. These are all just my opinions and you obviously know your game more than someone who's played it for 25 minutes, so take everything with a grain of salt. I'm excited to see where you take this game!

Shorter distance, harsher punishments, murkier player knowledge, and more skill based events.

Noted in the journal. Thanks alot. :)