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Thank you very much!! I'm glad you liked it. About the gripes. I did hear all of those from friends as I was making it and did intend to address all of them before releasing it but-
- The camera gave me a lot of trouble from start to finish. I mostly tested the game at 1x resolution and definitely was aware it wasn't as clean beyond that but wasn't sure how to really fix that. It's definitely something I'd like to work on if I make another game.
- I didn't realize until pretty late into the project how to change the game from 30 to 60fps and by that point it'd mean going through every single line of code to accommodate the change in fps. Again, next time I plan to set it as 60fps from the start to save myself the trouble.
-Ladders I was just lazy. No real excuse there lol. I'll keep that in mind though for the future!

Haha awesome, thanks for being so cool and hope to see what you make next!