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The tree is good, but it's not obvious that you can climb further up the tree. I tried CLIMB TREE to climb down and found myself at the top. You can also use UP, but it's not listed as an exit. I guess that's okay if you want to hide it. I did the same thing in 'Seeker of Magic'. The graphics inside the tower and the clearing are really nice. I like the way they change to reflect changes of state.

I also like the way the story develops, particularly the use of the pearl. I sort of missed the meaning of all that the first time around. Stuff like blowing the cloud, a zillion levels beneath the tower and all the teleportation is just downright silly. I still enjoyed the game, though. It's just frustrating.

I will see what I can improve, when I have some time and motivation to do so.

Designing a small text adventure game is a long and winding path full of pitfalls!

All right, thank you. I have made some improvements for this version 2.5.