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How about integrating the cheatmode as a switch instead of creating a second version for a few bytes changed? Entering highscore table should be skipped when cheat is enabled.

This way i can keep an eye on the Download Rate, So i can see which Download does Better, Really the Cheat Mode is Just my Game Testing version.

Another option would be to create a subroutine where during decrunch holding a certain key down to trigger infinite lives at the very start in onetime.asm For example

//Detect cheat key press (CONTROL)

lda $dc00
bcs nocheat

//enter code for giving player infinite lives

nocheat: do rest of onetime code

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I could also put some code in the Title screen and allow you to select cheat or not by pushing Joystick up or down (Clue your Shield code turns off cheats), but as i said above, I'm testing and watching the Download  stats, That is also why i did a Cartridge version of this Game.