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Zzap!64 Micro Action #20 was already released yesterday for patreons.

Seems there is a flaw in the tactical game: You can do remaining moves if you lost your unit in combat.

Very nice game!
Manual just has equal description for STAR and BUBBLE power-up.

This plays very well for a Basic implementation!

Needs a bit too pixel-exact movement for my taste. Wouldn't have made the level without the walkthrough video, because I either fell through the clouds or got stuck on the roof.

Well, V1.1 is available here:

May it be that in the V1.0.4 build the single player levels from 41 onwards repeat levels 01 and on?

Downloads are V1.0 while screenshots show a V1.1.

Hint: To prevent incompatibilites with fastload-extensions disable IRQ before using load/save routines.

Sad this is not for real C64.

There is just the little problem that standard C64 joysticks only have one firebutton.

Last 2 pictures of the c64 version seem to be missing or faulty because of disk full. :(

Nice game, but damn hard at higher stages. Pixel-exact collision detection with gravity is hell.

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That looks really great!
BTW: Is there any real difference to the preview published on Zzap besides the first picture?

Fun game!

Could be a nice game, but that flickering playfield part is awful.

Released on CSDb. No public link there because game is "commercial".

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Thanks to some faithful sceners there is now a working version of this game. You should be thankful for their work. The download currently offered here is not worth the money.

Properly disabling interrupt while loading and saving should fix most of the disk access issues.

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If you have memory problems, Krill's loader may not be a good choice. Covert Bitops loader is often used in games.

Did you recognize that on disk 1 there are files with length 0 because disk was full?

3 investigators rock! - Unfortunarely this is only in spanish.

Nice to see a concept being playable which has probably never been playable publicly before.

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Cool concept. Fun game! Looking forward to final version.

That's good news indeed. Good luck!

Any news here?

That Pic of the maniac man may cause nightmares. 8-)

Please continue. Nice puzzles. Enhancement request for more levels: Password system. ;-) 

V1.39 removing space at game over leads to skipping start screen when pressing fire for new game.

BTW. I never got the sense of counting score without having a highscore-list.

That's sad indeed, because the Special Edition plays much better with the tweaks.

Google for "Serpland C64" and be surprised. ;-)

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Nice game. But would be better to use english language to address a larger audience of the C64 community.

Just use LDX $BA instead of LDX #$08 before JSR $FFBA in floppy routines to make them work from drive number you loaded from.

No C64 version with graphics present among the downloads.

The C64 download is dated 2019 and looks rather unfinished. 

Any hope for the C64 version?

Funny that the current background image of this site shows the full game map.

Nice little Pong clone. You should also add "Commodore 64" in the Tag section to get more attention.

Really cool game. Nice puzzles. I like it!

You should get away from XC=Basic which wastes a lot of RAM with unoptized code instead of using external files. I bet the menu can be easily done in assembly by using some structured self coded subroutines instead of wasting a whole block of compiled code just to get some text on screen.