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Nice little arcade game. A shame there's no arcade style sound effects or SID music, but if I'm correct,  the game was originally programmed in BASIC V2, and speed up with a compiler. The game looks really nice, and it most definitely plays quite well. A very good effort :)

Totally awesome blaster. Really addictive. Great design and implementation. Nice graphics, highly playable and a really true blaster.

Funny looking game. I like the dancing pigs. The concept is simple, but it is a real challenge to avoid getting shot by the pigs. Quite a good game.

This single screen blaster reminds me of one of the sub games in Batalyx. Superb graphics design and very good game play. Clever concept. I like it :)

Basic modern graphics, and quite tricky game play. Nicely presented and quite fun to play once you get the used to the controls. The tutorial stage helped me a lot.

Lovely graphics, colourful, first time I seen a modern day game support 2 joysticks. Nice music.

Fun quality shoot 'em up. Nice graphics and clever design.

Nice platform game. It is really clever to be able to travel to two different time zones, and try to solve your path. Clever concept and very original.

Nice puzzle game. Challenging.

Superb shoot 'em up, with very nice graphics. It reminds me of one of my old favourite ED shoot 'em ups, Firetrack. Highly addictive.

Just a bit of a warning to gamers regarding this game. It features 2-layer screen buffer. This game has been designed to play on a real machine, Ultimate 64 or theC64, rather than VICE, for optimum performance. Also, please remember to disable the strobe effects if you find strobe unsuitable.

Quite an original concept for a platform game. Nice idea. Puzzling as well.