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Thank you. I'm sure Alf will appreciate this as the game is mostly his work. I mainly did the enhancements and music.

Excellent playable preview. Superb hires graphics and excellent music. It reminds me of Databyte/Parker Bros' classic "Montezuma's Revenge". I really look forward to seeing the final version of this game when it comes out.

Burger Time is tough but it is heck of a lot of fun. Nice graphics, and the game play is very addictive. I love it.

Thanks for reporting this. I have updated the page.

This game is absolutely superb. Nice graphics. Very addictive game play. I definitely give it another go at some point. Well done :)

I saw this game live at Zzap! Live 2023 and I was really looking forward to seeing it in action. It looked really great. Now I finally got the chance to purchase a digital download of the game. I'm really looking forward to playing this game on my Ultimate64. Nice one ICON64 + Psytronik ;)

Nice graphics, and amusing sound effects. The game is quite fun to play also. I would love to see an update where there is music. The player is shooting visible bullets at the meteors and also a hi score table - but of course it is your game and it is up to you :) ... Oh, and well done :)

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I only code for C64, and occasionally build small games using Unity.

A very basic and fun concept which really works. Well thought inside the box. Well done.

A mind-bending puzzler which really tricks the mind. Pretty good puzzle game also. It had me hooked to it last night. I am still trying to escape level 7. Well done. :)

It is harder, as it should have been. Instead of wasting all of your bullets. The idea is to make sure you have more bullets and less aliens. If the quota of the aliens count is higher than the bullets count. The game is supposed to end with  "GAME OVER" due to the player being too weak to destroy the aliens.

If you are using VICE V3.7, then perhaps your joystick is mapped to joystick port 1 instead of port 2. Joystick port 1 is mapped to the "Control" and "Back Arrow" keys, which represent "pause" and "abort" game

Clever concept to a traditional C64 maze game. Cool tricks. Great atmospheric music. I hope you can get this game  finished. Well done Proton :)

Nice to see one of my really bad C64 Shoot Em Up  Construction Kit games from my school days in 1991 appear as a remake :) Ha, ha, ha :) Nice :)

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Very casual and addictive puzzler. Pretty hard at first but becomes easier after you manage to solve the problems. The hardest stage for me so far is Level 7. It is full of nasty surprises. Good game overall.

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Lovely graphics, and superb music. After I downloaded this game  (after paying for it of course) I got hooked to this game. I got as far as level 16. The game is definitely hard as nails, even though I played easy level. I like this game very much. Fiendishly addictive ;)

Nice design and graphics. Atmospheric music. The game is rock hard. I expect that is how it should be. This is a very promising preview and I will be looking forward to the final release. :)

Nice design and graphics. Atmospheric music. The game is rock hard. I expect that is how it should be. This is a very promising preview and I will be looking forward to the final release. :)

I just had a go playing this game. First of all, well done in making a nice free game for us. Great presentation. The title / intro music suits the atmosphere  really well and the game tune really rocks. Well done. :)

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No problem. It was great fun developing Snake vs Bomb 2: )

Fair play regarding this. Not all C64 games need music :)

Amusing survival game with nice graphics, and pretty funny concept. I like the idea where the human gets hunted by evil  boars instead of boars getting hunted by evil humans. A very funny twist.

Thanks for the updates.  One update I would like to see (although not compulsory) would be to have an option to skip the save settings prompt after entering my initials onto the hi score table. Apart from that,  I enjoy the game a lot. Well done Sarah.

I just played this game not long ago. I loved the first Zeta Wing, and I love this game even more. Stunning background scrolling animation, nice soundtracks and much harder game play. Unlike Zeta Wing, I haven't passed level 2 on easy mode yet. 

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There wasn't an actual loading screen song used for the original D64 version of the game. The tap version used one of my previously existing tape loader  tunes, Dance_A_Load_V3_2 which can be found in HVSC or deepsid. I tend to use that loader tune on productions without an actual loader tune. :)

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Here you go. - It'll probably move to another directory later on this year. It is available in deepsid.

The game was first made exclusively for Retro Programmers Inside's "Racing Cars" game jam, but with the bugs and improvements being made, I made the newer version as first release for Zzap! 64 Micro Action. The game is now available for the public to download and also play online. - My next game won't be long.

I remember having the PC game back in the early 2000s. It was fun and addictive. To see this game ported to the Commodore 64 is absolutely amazing. A  very good port it is also. Well done.

I remember the original PC game of Zuma back in the early 2000s. It was a very original game idea and had me addicted to this game. Once again another masterpiece ported for our old favourite 8 bit machine.  Superb game. Well done

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Very decent arcade adventure game. A clever concept and very challenging. If it was launched back in the mid-late1980s, it might have become a budget £2.99 game title. Well done.

Great game with some wonderful graphics. Music is also good, and the game is pretty addictive. Well done.

Nice little game featuring two little dogs. Really cheerful music, and fun sound effects. Very nice graphics. Would be fun to be able to download the game and play it on a C64  :)

Different time zones perhaps

Well done with your game project. I was really pleased with the overall production. I'm looking forward to seeing the version with loading bitmap, etc. :)

Fun game. Although I feel that it needs some atmospheric ambience inside the game. There's no music. The game concept is good. 

... although the idea is to avoid those and eat the fruit :)

Crazy game, really funny animation and great music. Great fun to play.

Nice graphics, and atmospheric sound. There is some variety in the game, although it took me a long time to work out how to destroy the lights on the alien ships. Just as I nearly completed that phase, I had lost my last life. Quite addictive :) I'll be playing it again this Christmas. Well done team!

Cute maze game featuring a cute dog with a loud bark. Superb graphics with arcade style sound effects. Excellent game play.

A very good homebrew game with nice cartoon style graphics and also a very original concept. Nice music. If this game was released back in 1980s / 1990s, it would have been a great commercial title. Well done to the team behind this production.