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Updated the manual for SEUCK Title Screen Maker V1.1. 
When linking the front ends to your SEUCK game using theC64. Accurate disk, or _AD should be enabled if using Action Replay. This is due to its software fast save and fastload - which will NOT work without True Drive enabled.

Although it is possible to link a new title screen to the SEUCK game on theC64. It is not possible to save all BANK RAM without the freezer cartridge fast load/fast save enabled.

Added video tutorials.

No problem. I hope to get this game finished in time for December 2021, but without the additional graphics available for additional levels. I cannot really do anything else with the game. I'm still waiting on the graphics and making a few small projects now and then while still waiting.

This is an excellent shoot 'em up. Very challenging, also highly addictive. If this game was revealed back in the late 1980's/early 1990's, it would have made a great budget game title. Great quality.

Funny game. It sure would be great fun against an opponent ;)

Updated this page.

Nice concept. I think this game probably would work out pretty well if finished.

Very hard, as you have to be quick  on the go playing. The game is also cute and fun. Great music.

Nice graphics, good scenarios and sound. However I found the very first level (after the torture scene) really tough to get past those rotating fans. More practice recommended. It's a good game anyhow :)

Nice graphics, good music. It is also a very tough Shoot Em Up platform game, but it is an enjoyable blast for me.

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"Translated to"
The game promises to be great, and I can't wait until he shows the full game at this year's Retro event and that this year nothing will stop such a good event

Thank you. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. It took me about 3 months to develop and put together


Hopefully some time in the summer you'll get to play it. I have currently reserved it for Reset Magazine Issue 14's Mix-I-Disk. The deadline for submissions is near to the end of June 2021, but the game won't be released on this page until after the mag is released - All of which is for free to download. It has been quite a lot of fun making this game in co-op with good buddy Hugues, who stepped in to do the graphics.

Congratulations to the top 10 winners who won their worthy position. This competition was good fun to participate in. It has been a privilege :)

I'm sure I emailed Para Lander and Rocket Dodge months ago


Nice collection

I just read your tweet regarding you SEUCK compo 2021 entry . You mentioned that you submitted it to my compo. Sadly I did not receive your entry. That is the reason for why it has not yet made it on to the compo page.

Thank you for sharing this game as a free download. Nice little arcade game. The idea reminds of two different game titles. Thrust and Space Taxi. Quite addictive. 

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Thank you.

The only 8-bit computer I programmed on in my lifetime was the Commodore 64.

I'm making a fun game in Unity 2020. The sound effects starter pack features sounds I have been looking for my game, Tank Strike - Nature Fights Back. When it is finished, I'll credit you for the sound effects, if this is okay. 

Crazy game, and quite a clever idea. I like the puzzle concept where in order to defeat the alien, you have to be the same colour of it. Good game.

Tricky game, but quite fun also.

Fun game. It really tests my skill at trying to land safely on to the moving ship at the bottom of the screen. Nice work.

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I downloaded and played Space Firehawk on my U64. I love space arcade shoot 'em ups. This game is excellent. It has addictive game play, and gave me this good old arcade game feeling. Well done and thank you for delivering to us such a great treat.

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Music init: $1000 - play $1003
1. Goat Tracker V2.xx (any version - use zeropage over $ee)
2. Cheesecutter (Any version)
3. Voicetracker  (Any version which uses $1000,$1003 header)
4. Music mixer 6
5. Any version of DMC (Demo Music Creator)

Music init $1000 - play $1006
12. Future Composer (relocated to $1000)
13. SID Factory

Music init $1048 - play $1021
1. Music Assembler (Any version)
2. Voice Tracker

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I'm sorry if you are having trouble here. Let me try and help you out here. There could be a few reasons for this problem:

1. You may have exported the SID player header format instead of the PRG format on to your D64. You can use SIDPlay/W to export your SID tune as a C64 data file (DAT/PRG).

2. Although a lot of tunes work in Tape Master Pro, some music players use zeropages below $ee which interferes with the tape loader system. As it uses zero pages below that area. If your tune is Goat Tracker, you can easily set the Zeropage address to $fe-$ff (That's the range I usually use for my tunes). Not all music players are compatible with this tape loader, unless all zero pages have been altered manually to work with the loader in a machine code monitor.

3. The size of your music file could be too large for the loader system. The range should be $1000-$1fff. Since the first segment of game data loads at $2000.

4. You may have tried to play a tune that originally loaded at a different load address and may not have been properly relocated to $1000 using SIDReloc or any other compatible music relocators.

It has been slow, and there was bad news with it earlier on this year (A blog post will be coming shortly) but I am aiming to get this game finished later on this year. Despite losing all of my data about 4 weeks ago, I managed to pick up the pieces and put the jigsaw together.

Great game. I love the graphics. Very playable. Thanks for this ;)

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The way I submitted an entry is to first upload the web player and link to the competition then email the prg, d64 or whatever it is to the competition organizers - to prove that you are interested in submitting the entry to the competition.

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Just one question. If I was to develop an improved version of one of the competition entries by making a deluxe version. Then releasing it outside the competition while the competition is still in place. Would this violate any of the compo rules? I had fun making one of my compo entries on theC64 and would love make a deluxe edition of the game with full presentation, enhancements and music. ;)

No problem. I'm currently working on a second quick entry for the competition. This time I am writing my little game on theC64 computer, with Action Replay cartridge plugin, Turbo Assembler and a couple of Public Domain utilities (Sprite Editor and Char Editor V2). The game idea is based on an old BASIC PD game. 

It means that the competition submission should *not* be publicly released from any other web site, i.e. CSDB, etc. All entries should be *exclusive* for the competition. 

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C64 ACME/C64 Studio source for preventing to overwrite $1000. To test this issue, you could write at the end of file:

_memory = *
   !if _memory > $1000  {    !error "memory overflows $1000 - write less code!"

This should prevent you from writing code that overflows the $1000 memory range.

Thank you. I have just submitted the PRG to the organizer of the compo. Just awaiting response before I do this. ;)

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I think my game entry for the competition has kept to the rules.
Screen RAM uses $0400-$07e8, the only $D000-$DFFF registers used are VIC2 hardware. The $01 is set to default $37.

Since downloads are not to be public for the competition. Please can you suggest how I can get this game online in html5 like other entrants had? Which applications were used to launch the C64 emulator in HTML? 

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I saw this game at theC64 Winter Game Dev competition and played it last night. A very well done great port of a memorable game and possibly a world's first attempt to make this type of party game for the Commodore 64. It was great fun to play. You and Mike have done a brilliant job with this masterpiece. 

I think I know exactly what this game is going to be about. I saw a light-hearted UK TV travel show years ago about local culture. One of those shows featured a particular event which might describe this game :)

Sorry for the trouble regarding SDIEC compatibility with Honey Bee. The game used an IRQ fast loader system on the loading bitmap. I have now fixed this loader to give the user a choice whether or not to use the IRQ loader, or load the game without it. The new D64 has now been sent to Psytronik for uploading.

I just had a quick go at this game. It looks and feels quite nice. I like the animation added to the waves. It gives a good effect. Keep up the good work.

Excellent game production. This game has a great classic late 1980s feel to it. Wonderful graphics, cheerful music, superb code, excellent game play. Highly recommended!

No problem :)