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Excellent game production. This game has a great classic late 1980s feel to it. Wonderful graphics, cheerful music, superb code, excellent game play. Highly recommended!

No problem :)

I just played your recent game. Nice.

Last week I had recently launched a new version of the KickAssembler SEUCK framework, which has a few new features. It is of course V4.0, but that is up to you.

Nice atmospheric music by Andrew. I like it.

Looking forward to seeing your next game production.

Looks nice. I'm guessing it is still work in progress ;)

I have played V1.2 today. Great job with the game. Superb power up bullet sprites. Nice to see remixing of previous levels to make the game last longer. I know a SEUCK user who used to do that a lot in his games back in the 1990's. A good approach. Nice background animation feature where scrolling water diagonally. Nice homage to "Dragon Spirit". :)

I remember this game very well 2 years ago. This new deluxe version of the game is brilliant. Nice cartoon style graphics, and good concept. Pretty much original. I hope to see more new games from you in the near future. Well done :)

Another option would be to create a subroutine where during decrunch holding a certain key down to trigger infinite lives at the very start in onetime.asm For example

//Detect cheat key press (CONTROL)

lda $dc00
bcs nocheat

//enter code for giving player infinite lives

nocheat: do rest of onetime code

Tricky game. I like the scrolling effects you added ;)

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A very cute game with splendid graphics, music and sound effects. Great game play also. Well done :)

Thank you for your constructive feedback. I'm still a beginner with Unity, but with additional suggestions and ideas like this. I can hopefully upgrade this game now and then with other suggestions/improvements. Thumbs up :)

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Found a solution without needing to change the code in the titlescreen code. At the end of the text, use the @ key to set a restart point so that the scroll restarts.

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Nice to see that the KickAssembler frame work is being used :). Thumbs up to that ;) There seems to be a small bug in the scrolltext on most of your games (using V3) where a corrupt character appears on screen before the text restarts. This bug is triggered at the end of your text if you end the text by pressing the ENTER key. For a side scrolling text, you don't need to do that. Simply type in the last word and a few spaces and then save, do not use return/enter. ;)

Well done. Nice game also.

Yes. I just updated the news on the TND web site. A release has been made ;)

Thanks for reporting this. I'm currently upgrading the title screen framework source and I have fixed the $D022 bug which was inside the IRQ interrupt. A few other features are also going to be added, and they shall be enabled/disabled from the operator commands using the .if value = 1 (enable), = 0 (disable). Sort of like a boolean operator. So that features, such as in game music option, jingles, etc could be enabled/disabled. As soon as it is ready I'll announce it on the TND web site.

Well done ;)

I saw the GIF animation on twitter this evening. This game looks very promising. ;)

Nice grey scale graphics. Very cute game also. Excellent retro game design. Sounds suit the game well also. Especially the bird's cheep, cheep sfx :)

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Very useful :)

Nice shooter made in sideways SEUCK.

Excellent game title. Great music and sound effects, graphics and all that. Playing this game reminds me of the classic C64 commercial titles, Fire Track, Denarius, Power Rama, etc. Very addictive and a whole lot of fun crammed into 16KB :) - Amazing :)

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Nice game, keep up the good work.

Also, just for fun and less boring tape loaders. If you fancy using one of my own / Martin Piper's tape loaders for your games. There's some real cool ones available for you. Some even play games during loading.

This is just an option ;)

Don't worry about that. You did a good job with it. I am very pleased with what you have achieved with SEUCK.

When I first fired this game up on my theC64. It had me in fits of laughter. I love the cartoon style graphics, and the sound effects. This game is personally one of my favorites so far. It goes to show that good commitment and game design with no programming knowledge can result as a good game. This game really stands out ;)

I loaded this game on theC64 in full height mode yesterday. Very nice graphics, and some amusing sound effects. I love  your game style. There have been many SEUCK games that have been completely rushed out in the past for a sake of a release. These games are good quality and fun. I think you deserve a pat on the back for what you have done with SEUCK. Well done.

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I'm finding Unity and C# advanced and quite interesting. Not to mention, challenging. There is also the fun part in making these type of games also. I am still new to Unity, and I was very pleased to have managed to make my very first game, since 3-6 weeks of learning. Music was self-made in LMMS. I still have a lot more to learn.

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Cute aliens looking game. I had fun playing it. I look forward to seeing more new games in the future. ;) 

If you fancy playing around enhancing your own SEUCK games, then why not check out this neat SEUCK enhancing tutorial

Funny you say that. I played it on theC64, and also Ultimate64 (with ultisid) and I could hear the speech very clearly. :)

Excellent game. I'm definitely putting this one on to my Ultimate 64 and theC64 full size. Very playable, great speech. Neat music.

Nice game, also no problem regarding the music reducing to 2 channels. I have no issue with that ;)

Okay, no problem.

I remember first seeing this game on the Commodore Force cover tape. It was fun to play when I was a teen :). Nice graphics also. Very tough game.

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Cool game. If I recall correctly, I thought that I saw a video of the C64 .tap version of Rodman a long time back. Any chance for a .tap version to be added to itch?

Addictive and very original. Some very nice sound tracks also.

Well done.

Lovely graphics, good music and very playable on the good old C64. Not even multi-load. Very hard game, mind you, and pretty addictive. It would have made a great Commercial title :)

Very difficult, yet quite addictive puzzle platform game with some nice music.

Very clever concept, and pretty much original - and very Retro. Excellent music as well

Really nice game graphics, and a lot playable. Some clever scrolling effects in between. I had loads of fun blasting aliens playing this title.

A pretty decent puzzle game, with some nice C64 variation of well known tunes. Pretty addictictive, and tough. Quite original as well.

Nice hi-res graphics and pretty good game concept. The only drawback is the collision with enemies, which at times make the player constantly jumping when hit. The game is very good and still high quality.