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There is no need, because inside the bucket is a timer. Once the timer clock = 0, the crab/jellyfish gets released ignoring everything and goes into the sea :)

Clever strategy game with some pretty cool music.

Thank you. Yes, the pic loader was funny :)

Thank you for your feedback. The reason for the stuttering is because I coded a subroutine in which makes the computer try to follow the ball as soon as the ball enters the middle of the computer's area. Then it follows the vertical position of the ball.

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Added V1.5+ This fixes the shift+clear home bug in the main title screen editor,

It is a playable demo. The full game is still in production. Release date aims to be December. Although it is likely the game will be finished before December.

Thank you for your kind words and review. I'm glad you are looking forward to the full game. Like promised, the game will be a free download on this site. Possibly around about December 2022, if all goes well, possibly sooner.

I hope to add some additional options to the title screen that can ease the game play a bit. Like amount of credits to continue a level, and also auto firing mode on/off. There is no autofire in the preview because I wanted to make it compatible with RGL's theC64. Holding fire on the joystick will trigger the smart bomb (if carried). That will take place after all 16 levels are finished. 

Added playable preview V3.

This project has been very active over the past two/three months. I am past the half way mark with the levels. Planned release date for the final release intends to be December 2022 if all goes well.

Nice cute game with "Creatures" inspired music. If this game was written back in the 1990s. It would have made a great Thalamus release. Very addictive and good fun.

Text adventures haven't been my sort of game for a long period of time. I've always disliked them. Although I do admit I wrote my own adventures, which are very silly and bad using G.A.C back in the late 1990s.

I saw this graphics and text adventure and I have to say "well done". The game has some nice music, and you guys have done a good job making this game successful.

I first saw this game as a playable preview on the revived Zzap 64 cover tape. I was impressed with the preview. After downloading the full game, I got even more impressed. There are some amazing sound tracks, beautiful ECM colour modes, great intro and superb play-ability. This game reminds me of Bomb Jack but with a big difference.

Well done to the whole team who developed this game, and also kindly offered it as a free download.

Sorry for the very long response. I more or less missed this :)
X-Force was designed using Char Pad V1.8 and Sprite Pad V1.8 by Saul, and I worked on the main programming and music (unless you played the CF archive version, which featured music from Breakthrough (Used with permission of course) . The game was programmed in C64Studio, which is more or less similar to ACME cross assembler. The music and sound effects were all made using Goat Tracker V2.

to all theC64 users:
You *must* have Accurate Disk and Full Height (_ADFH) configured to the D64 in order to load it successfully.

Nice graphics and excellent music. As for the game, it is cleverly made and very casual.

Apologies for the messy screen after loading has finished on the Mix-I-Disk. Sadly the original code for the disk menu got lost last year during a PC crisis, including all of my backup that was stored on there. The disk menu had to be reverse-engineered, converted and patched up in C64Studio. 

Funny game, it is most definitely different compared to Pac Man. :) Good fun.

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I suspect that the program uses a custom made disk turbo loader, with on the fly depacking, which may not work on SDIEC devices. If playing in VICE, "true drive emulation" is essential.

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I'm going to continue with the project this week. However due to missing assets, I will be going into "Plan B" mode. I will start with level design using the demo graphics. It might be a long process to design all 16 levels using the same graphics charset data, but hopefully later on the charsets can be altered afterwards. 
This freeware game project has now officially continued

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Of course, please feel free to make your own conversion. 

What I did was designed the whole map using Charpad, and set it to wrap around constantly. Then I timed the game pointer to speed up after a the timer has reached its limit (The same amount of time throughout the game). That is until after the player reached past the very last level. 

The map scroller only used a 1x1 char scroller, instead of use of tile compression. So basically I was scrolling the screen data, without using tiles.

I first saw this game as a playable demo featured in Zzap 64 Micro Action covermount #3. Nice game idea, and very amusing at times. I have just downloaded the full game and I will be looking forward to playing it. Well done :)

Thank you for the new updated version of the game. I really enjoyed the Craptastic 4K compo entry, and the full game is also great fun. I hope all goes well with the physical releases :)

It would have been a brilliant idea. Sadly the code for the enhanced version of the game was lost January 2021, due to a fatal computer fault. Files got lost, including the backups.

Feel free to use it on your productions :)

Nice game, very good graphics also. Well done.

Hey, don't feel too bad using my tune. I don't mind one bit :)

Nice hi-score attack game idea. I don't think many people came up with that idea using the sideways scrolling SEUCK. :)

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No, definitely not SEUCK. SEUCK games are games built using the "Shoot Em Up Construction Kit". Besides SEUCK exceed 4K, if that game was made with SEUCK. ;)

My front page has also been categorized. So that all enhanced SEUCK games are placed in that category, whereas everything else is self-programmed or co-op with other C64 enthusiasts and of course is not made with the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit (SEUCK).

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Thank you :)

Fun challenging little game. I'll definitely add this to my theC64 and Ultimate :)

Nice update. Well done Arlasoft :)

No. The Shoot Em Up Construction Kit was not used for this game production. I self-programmed Star Hawx. :)

Although I am not into dungeon exploring games. This game is very good and quite original. Well done Haplo.

Quite a decent Blitz game. I like it.

Hilarious game. I like it ;)

A decent game. I enjoyed it.  Keep up the good work.

Well done in creating your very first C64 game. I hope you enjoyed making it, as I have playing it. :)

It is more or less a nostalgia trip. I have been using SEUCK since I first had my Commodore 64 in 1990. It is something I found to be great fun. I understand that SEUCK games do not please everybody, but SEUCK has been part of me since 1990. 

I have launched it now. 2 days earlier than expected. :)

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This game has lovely ECM character graphics, and is quite a decent playable preview. I like it. The music is very nice, although I heard it on one of your previously released games, "ATA", which appeared in a UK magazine cover tape, but I expect that is temporary. I hope this game does get finished and you do find a Publisher for the full release.  I think there will be some gamers who like a good puzzler. This is most definitely one of those ;)

If you are writing games for the Commodore 64 and would like to have them visible as a browser game, is a good resource for making html5 versions of your games. Also make sure it is uploaded in .zip form, and change "Downloadable game" to "Web Browser Game" (or similar).