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About GDevelop (disclaimer, I'm GDevelop main author :)) - seems like there was some misunderstanding on the export.
GDevelop does not limit you in the number of exports as long as you're doing them manually. You can export your game an unlimited number of times a day to HTML5 or any other format - but will have to manually install command line tools and other stuff if you want to build a native app for iOS/Android/Windows/macOS/Linux (which is the same as most game engines you would code with!).

We offer a way to do this in one click - a packaging that uses an online build service to export to Android/Windows/macOS/Linux without installing anything (it even works on the web version!). This service is limited to avoid overloading the servers and we make a subscription for people that want to help GDevelop development. This is optional though, and while it's shown as the first exporting options, you can use the advanced one if you're an indie studio that already has experience bundling games or hosting HTML5 games :)

I recommend people giving a fair chance to GDevelop. It's (from my biaised point of view ;)) the sweet spot between "real coding" and visual programming using an events system that does not limit you arbitrarily and is efficient to use (no slow and tedious "drag'n'drop") - you can even extend the conditions/actions and create new behaviors for your objects with the same events system.
The whole game engine is open-source and based only on open-source, proven, battle-tested technologies like Pixi.js. You can even drop at any point a JavaScript code block and code if you wish to. 

Happy to talk more about GDevelop, but I wanted to clarify these points :D



You explained in detail in these two posts! Thank you!

Your posts provided much userful information of GDevelop for game developers here. 

GDevelop is a very versatile game creation software. 

Thank you very much!!!!!