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Wow, lots of promise in this one. Unfortunately the gameplay trailer and frankly most of the in game out turns me off a lot. The comissioned character drawings are absolutely adorable. You'll need to practice more to improve your in game portraits (which are okay). The in game character sprites and enemy sprites usually look pretty awkward honestly and the tile work needs a lot more detail. The arrow projectiles also need to stand out a LOT more. They're about the only things that hit me because I can't see them.

The gameplay on the other hand is great. The enemies seem varied enough and the bullet hell aspect is something I'm starting to see in a few other games, but also works well in this one. I hope it becomes a fad. I tried playing as each of the blue team characters up until the crypt (which is all the time I had to play for now).

Looking forward to what this'll turn into going forward.