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Ok so here's the idea with this:

Cyber is a fast boi who likes straight lines, as it allows him to go fast and gain a multiplier (as far as I've seen). The Brick Walls are to keep a full spawn's worth enclosed to bounce back and forth for a while, racking up a bunch of points. You know how if you collide with a Basic from the side it activates but doesn't give you any scrap? Well it turns out Batteries, when hit side-on, still give you all of the benefits. That's all well and good, but when facing downwards, a roboto will charge up the battery a bunch but be consumed in the process. However, when hit side on, it gets the bonus charge but doesn't eat the lil guy, hence why I made those small gaps where the Cybers will bounce back and forth at high speeds getting permanent multipliers for a bunch of them. I repeated that as many times as I could. This layout works best when you're actively switching the completed batteries back into the lower position, and works even better when there are still walls, but it can get up to about 50k spm if you try hard enough. Glhf yall!

Also dev if you see this, really neato game! Its kept me going through the start of virtual school

Edit: If you put Batteries under the Brick Walls then your spm does up drastically, like I'm easily hitting 150k spm without any involvement

Hey Syrgpure,

I really love this, your setup is great! You're taking full advantage of the active play in this. Have you tried active play with other robots as well? (hint hint)
I am so glad you like the game, I keep adding touches here and there as I see people's comments.
I tried your level design and the bonus didn't apply when the battery emptied itself :( but I just love the idea so I went into the code and made sure it will apply every time now ;) There will officially be a 'Neato' update with a powered up Battery (and a few others suprises) thanks to you! I should roll it pretty soon.
If you keep playing, don't hesitate to send other designs, it's great to see what you came up with, and good luck with the school, these are indeed unusual times!

Have fun,


The Neato Update is live ;)