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Here’s my unfiltered thoughts as I play your game:

  • The audio is extremely loud, I had to lower my system volume to 2%. Some kind of volume control would have been great.
  • The text “press SHIFT to start” on the main menu is tiny and hard to see and read, it took me a few seconds to figure out how to start the game.
  • Same goes with the instructions in game
  • Interesting idea to press TAB to switch but pressing the UP-arrow to move left/right doesn’t feel very intuitive/instinctive. I’m not sure but just a suggestion to try out, perhaps use left/right arrows but pressing TAB toggles them on and off, only one work at a time.
  • As you probably know, the level goals need some kind of graphics. Even a white circle would have been better than the tiny text “end level here”.
  • Interesting with different challenges, like sliding, jumping high etc on each level

Overall a fun game that could have used a final touch, a bit of polish. Good job for 2 days.

thank you for your thoughts, in the post jam version i'll definitely fix up some of the major problems, like the lazy graphics, tiny text and weird controls, and also thank you for playing and rating the game

ok so, i lost the game files like a scrub when trying to reinstall windows so i'll go kill myself brb