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ok so, i lost the game files like a scrub when trying to reinstall windows so i'll go kill myself brb

it's understandable, it's a game jam after all

thank you for your thoughts, in the post jam version i'll definitely fix up some of the major problems, like the lazy graphics, tiny text and weird controls, and also thank you for playing and rating the game

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the jump is wanky and you can glitch your hitbox to infinity jump, but in rest it's a solid game

thank you so much for your review, your entry was also interesting and unique, and over all one of the best games submitted to the jam in my opinion

i can't read

cause the way i imagine the game is that the fish doesn't know how to use his legs, and as such the controls are all weird, adding an extra layer of challenge

really interesting twist on the theme and solid gameplay

really solid game, i love how you used to your advantage the fact that the ship is a ghost and can pass through stuff

how i imagined it is that the fish doesn't know how to use his legs, so you need to press the up arrow to move, but thank you for the feedback


thank you for the criticism, in the post-jam version (if i ever make one) i'll try adding more diversity to the tileset

thanks, your game is really enjoyable too

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thank you so much! your game was also a fun and interesting experience

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nice game