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Hi! I think these boxes appear at the start but I can’t say for sure. And… I actually can’t reproduce it anymore either. I don’t know what happened. It’s just gone now!

I’m playing on Arch Linux on i3wm using GTX 1650 SUPER (with the latest proprietary drivers).

But I’ve found another fun bug while testing. When you scroll the mouse wheel your ship moves vertically very fast. So fast that you can get yourself out of the map!


I'll put that issue on hold then and get back to it if I can later reproduce it myself.

The mouse wheel control problems have been "fixed" by removing it completely. I didn't know it can warp through walls but the huge acceleration spikes from it caused all sorts of other problems.

Thanks for the help again! By the way, I have a big update almost ready with some of your suggestions implemented :)

That’s awesome! Can’t wait to play it!