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I like the way you worked around the 300 word limit, by looping the "gossip days" and having a simple set of player actions. However, I found this game somewhat lacking. It's a game about gossip, but I have no idea of my role in all this gossiping. Am I just observing the people I write about, or do I personally know them? Also, why do I never leave my house? XD

I thought hearing gossip would be hearing a story, which would slowly unfold before me as I kept listening. But the gossip seems to be random, and I have no idea what its meaning is to my character or to me as a player. I also felt that gossip wasn't really discussed in a balanced manner, but just presented to me as a mechanic. Does the gossip affect my character? Or do I keep listening, never leaving my house at all? XD (sorry, I do think that's a little funny. Is gossip my career? Do I write a gossip column? Okay, I'll stop.)

(btw, I'm also in this Twiny Jam! My game is HCF.)