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Graphics are cool but the changing colour concept of the background disturbs me a lot while playing it.

The jazz music is sympathetic but too loud for me…

And, to be honest, I didn’t see the limitation in your game :/

There are some bugs with the controls. It follows the page, but, I know, it’s a game jam and you want to improve your C++ skills ^^ [Edit: It seems it is an issue from WebGL, so people who will try this game, do it in full screen, do not try in non-full-screen like me!]

I think you are not understanding the game. I had no issues with controls.  There are off-beats in there.


If I am not in full screen I have no problem ^^ But, in the non-full-screen case, the page scrolls down, when I did something. Sorry, if my comment bothers you, do not hesitate to explain to me in details how your game works!

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it is not my game. Im just letting you know. When not in full screen you cannot see the pattern to match. So that seems like a webGL issue.

Oh my bad, I thought, you were the author! Sorry! Yeah, indeed, it is a WebGL issue. I will edit my comment thanks!