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Pros and cons are down below) Check out gameplay here (the game is the 1st there):


1. The game is super funny and self aware.

2. The game spooked me a lot! Several times. That's a sign of a good horror game. Though, jumpscares are cheap! Come on! You can do better than this.

3. The story the game is based on is true, indeed.


1. Well, that was very short and absolutely not what I've expected.

2. White noise sounds are annoying, maybe spooky creepy music would do better?


The best indie game of 2020! Even the best game of 2020. Screenshots are not misleading at all. Everyone must play it! Still, for me it's a 3 star experience. Like that was funny and witty, but that was not a game (1 button clicking simulator). I really want to see Gore now, tho.

Hope my feedback was useful!


If you are interested to see the my game I took the screenshots from, check this Youtube video I made on my Youtube Channel