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Thanks, it seems this problem has been sorted out by

Thanks for letting me know, it seems the problem has been sorted out by

Thanks a lot man!

Thanks man 😂 Have a great day!

Youre a pretty funny guy 😂

Thanks man! I appreciate it a lot!

Thanks man!

Thanks man! This is GREAT!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks man!

Thanks man!

Thanks for playing!

Hey man, thanks for playing! There are 10 levels.

Thanks my dude!

Thanks man!

i had some inspiration man

Thanks man, i agree with you 😎

Its a huge pleasure, it was a really fun game for me to make. Thanks for making a video!

Thanks man, I appreciate it!

Its okay man! At least you had a great time, also I laughed a lot at your video

Just fixed that glitch man, give the game another shot

Oh yeah i will fix that glitch today, its funny how me and my tester didnt find it in the 2 week testing period 😂 but thanks for making a video

Hey man, thanks for making a video!

I really enjoyed watching the video you created, thanks man, i appreciate it!

only for december

Thanks a lot!

Yes he really must be sweaty then lol

Hey! Im glad you enjoyed it!

Nope, I just dont think this was your kind of game. Thanks for playing though!

what do you mean?

Im glad you enjoyed it!

Haha thanks!

Haha thanks for playing! I agree, the shadows are quite nice when the sun is setting.

Hey, thanks for playing!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Hey! I really enjoyed watching your video, thanks for playing!

Haha, Im glad it clicked though!

Hey! Thanks for playing!

Thats great! I'm a cat person so cool, whats the kitten's name?