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Programming the entirety of 3-player Chess and an AI was unlikely for a game Jam; but you got the key components down to play against their friends. Considering this runs in-browser; I may actually return to this game in the future to play 3-player chess with my friends.

Great concept and execution, great visuals.

Slightly dizzying when the camera turns around the board; and the beeps in the intro came out very loud. Still; I really like this.

One day I will defeat high dimension and non euclidean space! Then no one will be able to stop me! MUHAHAHA...

Yeah don't look into the middle of the board while it rotates. First I thought it bent weirdly because I was sleep deprived, but I guess it has more to do with me looking at this rotating board for many minutes. Best to look at the opponents or something else in the background.

Baroque music is loud and I am still new to sound balancing. I will pay more attention to that in the future.