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Hi Pinlin, I really love Dark Nights! the characters are all super interesting and their design are top notch, the art is amazing and the music is great!

I do have have some questions tho, haha, to be honest all of the supporting characters ( Chain, Jace , Blace , Roya and Kaichi) really caught my eyes. Is there an chance of getting their routes ? I´m definitely routing for a Chain one.

I still have to play sachiro´s route but roya seems to be keep dying ? Is that an important part of the story? He did seem to try to be a bit of a better person in Junoru´s route when he tried to cook, I wonder if there can´t be a" happy endnig" for him well he did say in kurato´s route that he wants to die but I don´t think he really wanted to more like he knew, he is goint to get killed sooner or later.

And I find it a bit odd how chain didn´t kill kurato after he found out he has been cursed, I thought he would show no mercy but thats not case.

( my favourite route is Junoru´s btw I reaaaally love him)

Thank you for creating this wondeful game! Looking forward of more ! ( sorry my english is not the best)


I'm pleased to hear that you had a good experience. Thank you for the praises!

Actually, Chain's story has been on my mind but I haven't had the chance to go for it. For now, I wait until I have more time on my hands and if there is enough interest.

If you play through all routes, you'll see what's in store for Roya's fate. So far he only interacts in 2 routes and appears briefly in another. The comment above yours had a question regarding him as well. I explained a bit more about him in the reply. Be warned that there are spoilers. I recomment to read after you've completed the game or have played enough.


Thank you so much for replying!