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Under downloads, you can find the "Dark Nights Soundtrack" pack. It has the full opening, all game soundtracks and bonuses. I updated my blog and added a romaji version of the lyrics. Now you can sing along!

Your words make me delighted. Thank you for dropping your thoughts. DN is my first project but I was ambitious in every aspect.

The uploads on Soundcloud were previews of work in progress. I didn't upload the music anywhere, except for the OP song piano version on my youtube: 

The only place you can find everything is by buying the full pack on itch. As a bonus, it has the full OP song in higher quality and unused tracks. If you do consider getting it, thank you in advance! 

Hi! The game is designed for PC and so far I have no plans to export it for android. Another reason is that I'm not exactly a coding expert so it'll take a lot of time. If anyone is interested to take on the project, please let me know. I'd be happy to assist.

You finished this game surprisingly fast! It's a delight reading your feedback every time. Regarding donations, thank you so much for considering! I really appreciate the gesture. I made a kofi page: and if you prefer direct transfer, feel free to send a private message on my social media.

I noticed the change in music volume, but couldn't find a solution. The composers worked individually and their styles differ. I tried editing the soundtracks myself, but it resulted in loss of quality. 

Hello, thank you for the feedback! Classmates asking for stories is a great suggestion. The MC does explore the library in one of the routes- but I didn't want to use the same event everywhere. Each route explores some of my ideas so unfortunately, they don't feel complete. 

The use of contractions was a stylistic choice. It feels weird in narration so we decided to leave it out completely for consistency. In that case, you might not like Junoru's speech because it pushes further in that direction haha.

I came to the conclusion that regardless of when I release the game, it will always contain imperfections. I could endlessly attempt to improve, but the product will never be finished. Besides, the community provides insightful feedback. That is more important than guessing what people might like. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the game!


It's rare to receive constructive criticism. More than often people tell what they dislike, but not why or how it can be improved. I really appreciate your time in writing your detailed thoughts and sharing tips.

I agree that the story lacks an explanation in the supernatural department. Almost all, if not all, the characters are very accepting with the strange events occurring. Now I look back at the story, I wish that the characters had more moments to reflect.  The emotional development could have more layers. During the time I wrote the first draft, I had no much visual novels for reference. For example, I played Amnesia Memories where a side character has so much "inner monologue" that felt highly annoying. I took the extreme other side with my writing. In recent years,  I write stories that are closer to myself. Not only I feel more connected, but it's easier to take real life references than starting from scratch. This way the fictional world will feel more realistic. I should've done more research on this aspect.

I didn't take time to create a layout of the plot. All of the writing was done on impulse and edited multiple times later. The order of events was all in my head; it was easy to mess up the timeline, especially with so many plot lines. This project taught me to make better planning and create an overview.

My editors/proof readers often told me to show rather than tell. I've liked to add more reactions of the characters than leaving it open to interpretation. Most hints are left there because they're explained in other routes. One thing I did plan was that every storyline is connected through details even though they're from an entirely different perspective. I'm not sure how to explain the romantic aspect, because this is very subjective.  I tried exploring different pacing with every character. Kurato is the type that is the most open about it, while Zeikun takes a long time to show any affection. 

I want to improve my writing for future projects and critiques like these help me a lot! Aside from that, I continue to work on myself as a person too. I reflect more on my actions and I like to explore the creative field to expand my library. I think that sometimes a writer's personality reflects in their work. Whether it's their way of thinking or what they enjoy.

Those are all the "ping" sounds during choice making. In other routes it's crucial, because those points decide which ending you get. In Zeikun's route it's one choice moment that decides.

I'm pleased to hear that you had a good experience. Thank you for the praises!

Actually, Chain's story has been on my mind but I haven't had the chance to go for it. For now, I wait until I have more time on my hands and if there is enough interest.

If you play through all routes, you'll see what's in store for Roya's fate. So far he only interacts in 2 routes and appears briefly in another. The comment above yours had a question regarding him as well. I explained a bit more about him in the reply. Be warned that there are spoilers. I recomment to read after you've completed the game or have played enough.

Thank you for leaving an in-dept review! They help me a lot with writing, art and future productions. I'm pleased that this game left you a lot of positive thoughts. I added a lot of things I like about otome games or things in general that is rare: variety in routes which makes replaying fun, diversity in plot but the same universe, importance of side characters and more. The bonus content is a reward for people who like to explore all the world's corners. I had a lot of ideas and that  shows in how each route is presented.

Your perspective depends on the playing order and it shows multiple sides of the supporting roles. Each main character faces the story from a different perspective and I wanted to do that with others as well. I purposedly didn't let the main characters interact much so they're left in mystery until you play their route. Junoru's route did have the most hidden characters. Even though they had short screentimes, I'm happy that they made an impression. The Kenriji parents are based on their sons (I designed them later). Yokishi is an older OC. Instead of creating new, I wanted to give an existing character a place to shine.

 Regarding your questions:

1. Kaichi was stabbed in his heart which caused his first death. Rasumi removed the heart from his corpse later for keepsake and curse. It's Kaichi's emotions and the odd circumstances that gave him the chance to be revived as shinigami. It's a similar story with the ghost boy where he couldn't move on with missing body parts. Rasumi has a tendicy to curse people into children. To her, children are weaker and more 'pure' than adults. It was an attempt to make Kaichi forget about his hatred, but he actually retained all his memories. Another reason is that having no heart is a metaphor for having no feelings. It isn't exacyly in Kaichi's case, but in most cases he follows logic (until he met the MC haha).

2. Rasumi's motives were never clearly releaved. She seems to have different goals in every route. I initially wrote her to be an observer. She acts according to the situation. Hence MC's choices decide the outcome in Zeikun's route. She seems to act for her own entertainment because she is used to perform with a smile (her background as an angel and following orders with no obligation). Rasumi's own story isn't the focus in all routes, so I left that behind (future idea?). It is hinted that she had links with Jace.

3. Roya learns that Junoru gets along with the MC and tries to involve her further with them (just to hangout). His little brother gets lonely and he isn't the right person to comfort. Since his awakening, Roya has been chasing down every blood relative of the people that betrayed his parents- which is also his food source. Since the chase is coming to an end and he knows no other decent way to stay alive, he rather die. Part of it is his guilt for killing. He remembers his emotional abuse towards Kurato in the past so it feels like a justified way to die in his hands. At the same time, he is chased by Chain. It's impossible to run and hide forever in this small village. The last thing he wants is being taken by Chain. 

I'm only a hobbyist writer so I can only share personal tips and things that I did.
- Something that gives inspiration is studying other's work and note down what you like/dislike. Even badly written pieces are interesting resources because they tell you what to avoid.

- Consistensy. More of a technical part. I had multiple editors and proof readers working on 1 route. I did that to lessen the workload and more opinions. I did limit the amount of people per route, otherwise the style will go all over the place. It took a few trial and errors to assemble the teams. Even if you're a top notch writer, you need at least a second/third opinion. It can do good to ask someone within and outside the community. They'll give a fresh look.

- Mannerism, speech and way of interactions with other are all elements that add dept to a character. Each individual has their own and that makes them unique. It's not that just their hobbies define who they are. I try to avoid arch-types and make my characters multi-dimensional. It's not that they're a bit of everything, but it surrounds a core.

- Keeping the world small. The more you add, the more you have to explain. You'll risk plot holes and maybe write about them just for the sake of it. One of the biggest problems creators face is that it doesn't get finished. Often I start with the outlines, then fill the details. I do that with drawing as well. If the fundamentals don't make sense, it's harder to edit it all later.

Now about art. This is a seperate journey. I took some time off the project to improve my skills.

- For projects like visual novels, I had to produce a hell lot within a short time. I was experimenting with styles and found something that is easy to work with. Simple, pleasant to look at and can be easily drawn. All characters were designed 'simple' in my standard. The designs weren't hard from any angle or pose. Keep in mind you'll be drawing the same character over and over if you plan do add CGs. A lot of small details might be overlooked. The definition of 'simple' is subjective.

- To be honest, initially I wanted to use stock images for background. Later, I realized that will look very inconsistent paired with other art. I didn't need to learn amazing background skills, but just something that works well with the sprites. I used not to enjoy drawing environment art, but grew to like it after studying them. So my advice is; start on things you like to learn. The first few creations might not turn out great, but that is a step further. Continue to polish your skills.

- Focus on one thing at a time. You'll be less overwhelmed and improve faster.

I started a short webcomic "Monochrome meets Color" to improve my composition and story telling skills. It was a small project of about 180 panels done in 3 months. Those short projects are very informative and I get to know my limits.

I hope this answers your questions. Thank you for the support!

Thank you for this thoughtful review. In fact, I love reading long feedback so no need to apologize for it! Usually, I don't get to hear live feedback from players. By the time they finish the game, they've forgotten most of their reactions on events and scenes.

I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed all storylines. Each was created with a distinctive style for different preferences. The stories are obviously focused on the main characters so there is a lot missing about the supporting roles.

1. I regret not revealing not enough of Rasumi because so far she seems to be a black sheep despite her various roles. She is not the main villain in some routes, like she didn't cause the tragedy in Junoru's story. In Sachiro's route, she acts as a supporting character. Without Rasumi's help, Sachiro wouldn't be able to ever meet MC normally. In the bonus scenes there is a small dialogue between Kaichi and Rasumi. I left it as an open end, because these two have a seperate background story. Rasumi double-faced nature started since her traumatic childhood. A short scene is revealed in her diary during Kurato's route chapter 4. Another hint was left when Blace said Jace and Rasumi have a bad relationship. Jace is the guardian of Heaven's gate and Rasumi is an angel- which means they had some encounters before. The first time Rasumi meets MC, she acts very friendly. I had this idea that Rasumi watched MC from the heavens, thus knowing MC for a long time. If I ever get the chance to expand the lore, I'd love to write more about this character! I've created her long before Dark Nights existed so my mind is full of ideas.

2. Chain is also one of my personal favorites- the mysterious one. Just like Rasumi, I didn't reveal much about his background. Although, he is way more popular. The first encounter of Ikuya with Chain is that she walked away , scared. Their chemistry will be a funny or interesting development. His relationship with the MC varies a lot depending on which route you are. To reassure you, Chain is completely human. If he were super natural, he might dislike himself too(?) which sounds edgy. So far there were hints that Chain lives alone. His place has no any hints related to his friends and family. He met Kurato since he was a teen at the investigator department. He might have been working there longer. The woman in Junoru's route was one of Chain's ancestors since she looks like Chain. They practise hunting supernaturals for generations, but now there are none of those specialists left. It was mentioned somewhere Chain killed a cousin who turned into a vampire. Roya recognizes Chain because of his bloodline. Aside that, Roya encountered him a several times before. The "hunters" are known for their skillful and terrific tactics of capturing/killing supernaturals. There is a black market for these kinds, hence Roya is afraid of ending up there. If I would explore more of this world if I were to write Chain's story.

3. Arount the time Roya attacked the teacher, he already drunk one of those potions. His parents didn't know this. The school ghost was killed by other classmates and Roya has nothing to do with that. He tends to mess around with Kurato. Not all characters speak the truth at times. Kurato used to have a very low self-esteem which made him an easy target. Usually bullies aren't aware of the damage they cause. The teasing starts innocently and gradually gets worse. Roya didn't have any friends during his childhood, and still doesn't in present time. He has trust issues because of the events that happened in the past (kidnapping, conflicts with villagers, murder of parents, betrayal of aquaintances etc.) He doesn't look down on other people, like he saw some potention in MC, but prefers to keep emotional distance. The interactions with his parents were shown from Junoru's perspective. Junoru once mentioned that Roya, despite being older, wasn't a suitable heir because of his troublesome personality. He is mischievous in nature and naturally smart but doesn't put much of his talents to use. 
I thought that I covered enough of his backstory, but I realized that it was mostly told from other character's perspectives. Roya is a complex character because he acts as he feels like in the moment. I actually had him in mind as 5th romance-able, but 5 storylines felt way too much. 
The flirty arch-type might be the least likeable so I removed him. Now he is a side character somehow a lot people got their eyes on him lol.

4. There is a time skip from where the twins were forced to kill and present time where they work for themselves. I had a seperate story in mind of how they came to be- and it's pretty dark. The people who wanted to kill the Kenriji captured the twins to work for them. Luckily it didn't last long because the twins managed to escape a short while after the Kenriji were dead. They didn't appear in Sachiro and Zeikun's storylines because they are different creatures. The twin's main focus are humans/undead and those that jump through time by accident (Kurato). Unlike Chain, they completely unaffiliated. They act to what they think is right to keep the world's balance even if it needs sacrifices (Junoru's route). Jace tends to show less empathy as he is used to sending people to the Heaven. Blace has dealt with different tasks and sometimes hesitates to make decisions.

About the main characters, each has a distinctive personality. I had different editors and proof readers working on each route. Because of this, the MC might feel inconsistent. Although, in real life people tend to act differently in each relationship too. I'm glad to know that at least one of the main characters stole your heart<3 It's such a coincidence that we have similar elements in our stories. Sachiro was quite difficult to write, because I had no main goal for him in mind for a while. I re-wrote his story a several times before I came to this point. One of the major changes was adding his adult form. From there the rest became easy to direct his story.

Thank you for the praises on my style! I especially developed it for creating this visual novel. To be honest, I tried stepping away a bit from anime style because it wasn't perceived positively by people around me. I choose to focus on composition and colors as keypoints (I struggled with artblock and identity for a several years. Because of this, Dark Nights got affected by delay in development). After I finished all CG art, I added a lot of cutscenes and small animations. For Zeikun's route, I wanted the scenes in inkwash style. His themes are around oriental cultures, so I thought that was the most fitting. In Junoru's storyline, a lot cutscenes were more like graphic design and  "straight-cut". Sachiro's route should had more sketchy drawn scenes. It reflects his dreams but also uncentainty. For Kurato, it was a combination of all. During the last years of developemt, I wanted to experiment with visuals and it shows there.

All of the side characters have their own lore. I created this visual novel because I love my OCs and wanted to flesh out their stories. Even if I don't create visuals novels for them again, you'll see/read more about them in other forms (illustrations, comic, animation etc). In the bonus scenes I added dialogues that  couldn't find a place in the main story. 
Dark Nights is my very first published writing and I'm happy to receive so many positive feedback (´・ᴗ・ ` ) Anyway, thank you for your time playing and sharing your thoughts!

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Press H on your keyboard. For more useful commands go to Main Menu -> Credits -> Help

The scenes you mentioned are cut scenes and don't appear in the album or sketchbook (the latter contains more artworks not shown in game). After I finished drawing all CG art, I had even more ideas.The cut scenes looked too simple to earn a place in the album. Besides, the album is already very packed.
For now you can only save those special scenes by screenshotting or save slot.

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DN is a passion project I worked on alone for a long time. I tried to take as many roles as possible to have the control over the style. The game went through a lot of changes over 6 years. I had to improve every skill required for game development. It's not like I could pull off the same quality right off bat haha.

Depending on the amount of interest for the side chacters, I might write their stories too. Thank you for the support!

That's the tragedic side of the story, but there are routes where no one dies depending on your choices. In some routes deaths are unpreventable. Then there are endings that decide the character's fate.

I'm glad you like the side characters as much! I gave them active roles rather than accessoires for the main ones.

I appreciate your efforts of sharing your thoughts!

I started as an illustration artist and shared my work on social media. I thought creating a game is similar to sharing my artwork and occasional journal posts. Besides, it's my first published writing so I hope more people can access it and enjoy. The first menu choices were very soon. It's something that I always look forward to when starting a VN.

Thank you for your support!

It's my first game project that got pretty big. I don't know what the quality standard is, so I rather have more people enjoy it. I played many VNs before and took example what I enjoyed and didn't like. The routes should feel distinctive so each has their own style and structure. Because of this, some routes are preferred over others.

I'm delighted by the feedback I received so far. I will continue to improve myself for future projects. If anything, they might not be as big as DN.

Hello, thank you for sharing this comment. No worries about your English, I can understand you perfectly.

I guess the horror themes worked well eheh.

I always wanted to write a full story about my characters. I've always done short scenes and single illustrations with a brief description. They didn't feel enough to bring my characters to life. This is my first game and story I shared in public. After all the kind comments and support, I want to keep creating and share more. 

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed my visual novel!

That will be a whole different plotline hehe.

Hello, I'm just a random person who likes telling stories _(: D

At the time I started this project, there weren't many English otoge. I wanted to contribute to this community and share my passion for visual novels. I hoped to give players an amazing experience like I had.
One of the reasons that I did not collaborate with other artist is I wanted to keep the style consistent. Background, characters, CGs and even the UI. I experimented with styles and came to this simple and clean theme.

Credits are given to the composers for the beautiful BGMs. I purposely gave freedom to maximize their creativity. Even when the soundtrack didn't end up like I expected, I could find use for another scene. I thank the vocalist, song writer & composer, mixer and arranger for the OP. These were roles I couldn't fullfil myself and I had wonderful friends to help out.

Thank you for praises on the writing! I admit that I have a lot to learn; most of the plot was written 6 years ago. I could only polish it with today's knowledge. I would have done some things differently if I were to write from scratch.

The editors and proof readers are here to shine for keeping grammatical/spelling errors to minimum. After release, I did spot a few mistakes. For a 270k script it isn't a big deal.

Thank you for dropping your thoughts and your support! It was enjoyable to read <3

Stay safe and healthy!

Thank you for the praises! At the moment I'm busy with other non-game related projects.

Maybe in future, but it will be smaller games. Another 6 years of development is a huge chunk of my life haha.

His route is the hardest when it comes to making choices for the romantic ending. While he is a very open character, his heart is a tough nut to crack :') There are 2 walkthroughs at the link section. Maybe they can help you to get the other ending.

Thank you for the support!

I'm glad that the game kept you hooked, even more that it's a memorable experience. Thank you!

Personally, I like a clear GUI with a theme that fits the whole game. After a few attempts, I came up with this. Even if you miss 1 or 2 choices, you can still get the happy ending. I know some routes are trickier. Usually when there are 3 choices, each gives between 0-2 points.

Each story has a different structure. I like to experiment with variations not just in visuals but narration. I see you have your preference and thank you for the critique!

I think there were many holes and unexplored parts of the story. We only follow MC's perspective, so many things happen behind the scenes. I covered some parts in the bonus scenes, hopefully enough to satisfy your curiosity.

Anyway, thank you again for sharing your thoughts!

There are walkthrough linked at the bottom. If you still are puzzled, you're welcome to join my discord server and fellow players can help you out.

Thank you for the positive feedback! I poured my heart and soul into this project for many years. I'm delighted that it turned good.

Thank you for the comment!It's a delight to hear you enjoyed all 4 plotlines. While they differ, I tried to make them equally interesting.

The achievements were added as a challenge for those that like to explore choices. 

I was thinking to rewrite the prologue because I heard it turned off a handful people to continue. Perhaps scrap it as whole? I'll take some time to consider this. 

Thank you for giving this game a try! I'm glad you enjoyed the input of every character. I did my best to give the side-characters a bit of back story. While they aren't the focus, it doesn't mean they totally disappear into the background.

Too bad I have a guilty pleasure of tragedy... but also lighthearted moments (bonus scenes).

If you play all over again, you might pick up hints you missed at the first play-through.

I'm delighted to hear that you like the character designs. It's one of the few things I really enjoy to draw. I'm glad that the game is memorable; it's one of the highest compliments to me. I put all my efforts to combine all elements harmoniously. 

The world was established in my head that most characters aren't fazed at the events. I guess that was the unrealistic part? After playing VNs with a lot of monologues from the MC, I intentionally kept this underdeveloped. However, I agree with you. Her thoughts became less prominent as the story progresses.

Through observations, I think that romance hits harder when it's not in focus. I wondered what makes someone fall in love. Each route explores a different aspect. Considering MC's personality, the development should be subtile and slow.
I balanced the interactions with the side characters and their role. It's less of a 'dating-sim', but a 'complete story'. Knowing that the side characters got a lot of attention, maybe I put them too much in the splotlights, haha.

I added the achievements and bonus features just so players can explore other possibilities and more of the world. Often in VNs I try to get the 'best ending' while avoiding all other endings. Here I didn't want other ends to be a disappointment.

Thank you for your feedback and support!

I wish to experience their reactions too xD The game has only been released a bit over a month. I'm happy to see more commentary rolling in. Thank you for the positive feedback! About the extra routes, I might consider it depending on the community. Since I had my first release, I got a hang of the process. From now on, development will go faster than before. I believe my skills have improved enough that I don't need to re-do things a trillion times.

It was a coincidence I posted it right before Chinese New Year. I never know the date as it changes every year. "Nuomici" is the only Chinese dish mentioned. Most are Japanese, English, French and other western dishes. It's a bit blunt to base it just from this, but I am familiar with the Chinese culture.

Perhaps they banned weebly in general? I wouldn't know either. It's unfortunate to have google banned. I hope you still can reach other favorite sites.

I did see it! Thank you for dropping one. 

Of course, I don't mind! In fact, I encourage to share reviews on blogs/social media. Spoiler warnings ahead if you plan to write about them. 

I'm delighted you enjoyed it! About these 3 side characters, it depends on the community. If there is enough interest, I may consider it.

Chain is one of the most mysterious characters, so I wanted to at least add a bit of his personal life. 

That line of Roya is not edited out. I think it was in Kurato's route where he said it.

Lioji's popularity still surprises me. His role as friend is on equal part with Ikuya. 

There are many references spread through the routes. Kudos to you for catching this one!

No worries about your English, I understood everything well ^_^

I'm glad multiple characters captured your interest /) v (\
Ahhh, I might consider adding their routes. If the time ever comes, I may create a poll. There are so many side-characters and it's hard to keep track which are the most requested.

Thank you leaving a review! I assume it was on itch ratings? I was actually googling you for specific reviews haha;;

He's more Kuudere, but I get what left that impression :'D
Roya, Kaichi and Chain make fairly times of appearances. Even with their stories covered (except Chain), I'm surprised you still want more.
Depending on the community, I may consider to add their routes :3c

Your feedback touches my heart strings (cheesy, but I don't know how else to describe). I took care of each character in the story; their different sides and various interactions. The side characters may not be as fleshed out, but some have a big chunk of their background covered.

Sachiro made the least impression on most people. In the demo he was at his worst, but got to shine in the full version. You're a faithful Sachiro-squad member.

It depends on the community to continue with additional routes. So far there is a lot of interest in the side characters. 
Thank you for the praises! I always enjoyed to combine my art with writing, but the first time in form of a visual novel.

Ahh don't spoil yourself yet! I'm glad so far the comments didn't summarize every single event, haha. His route got through the most edits, because I scrapped a lot out. I wanted to keep the storylines in similar lengths, but it didn't really work out.

Have you completed all endings? Dang, you've binged 6 years of work within a month. There are a few future projects I have mind, but it depends on what crosses my path. I might add a few routes in Dark Nights or leave the project as it is. So far, I give it more time and catch some breath before digging into another endless piles of work _(:D

(2 edits)

**Spoilers ahead too**

Thank you for writing this wall of text because I LOVE detailed reviews. Especially since you covered all characters. Sorry for the late reply, because I wanted to write something decent. 

It heard many people had upcoming exams during the release. I didn't intend to mess up their priorities and sleeping schedules. Halloween seemed the perfect holiday to match the game's theme. I just pray the game was all worth it. 

You're a master of speed gaming to play all routes in one go. Were you lucky to get all choices right or did you scroll back for the pings? 

I totally get what you mean with repetition in routes. It makes other routes not as exiting as the first playthrough. I played around with plot structure, choice system, art style and character involvement. Each route has their own outstanding style. Now you played all routes, you can sort of combine the puzzle pieces. The characters have their own way of describing events. Regardless, what happened stays the same. 

I treasure each of my OCs and wish to show more of them. Their stories may not be as fleshed out, but enough to spark interest. Adding up, the MC's choices influences their paths as well. 

When you replay the routes, you'll pick up all hints dropped earlier. Even the play order drops clues. Like you mentioned, Zeikun > Sachiro. The little boy was the least liked for his appearance, but more people started to like him in the full version. Depending on the ending, his route is split in half of the time looking young and second half being older. 

Zeikun has been memed as model for L'Oréal Paris shampoo lol. My love for drawing long hair is obvious at this point haha. 

Kurato looks like easy going, yet his route is slow burn. All side characters appeared there and he had to deal with all of them. The affection points makes a difference in the endings that even the side characters act nicer, heh. 

Junoru has this sad look glued on his face so I give players what they expect but it's a surprise it seems. He has been lonely for a long time and enjoys company. Like in his first chapter he has the most conversations with the MC. People have "complained" to me why I killed off all handsome characters lol. Initially I didn't want to give Junoru's parents a face, but then thought "it makes the events sadder, right?" 

As for the other side characters, they contribute each their part in the routes. Some are to like, others to dislike. I wanted to show more of their sides. Depending on your choices, you can find out more about their intentions. 

Anyways, thank you again for this feedback! 

The site works fine to me. There are daily visitors and pageviews, so I guess it's only you. Possibly you you got a restricted internet where only few websites work. Google will help you out more than I can.

Like in the walkthrough; if you follow the sound (ping) at menu choices, it will lead to a romantic end. Although, not all choices contain that sound which means the outcome doesn't matter or you're on a death row. If you still can't figure out, please join my discord server. Fellow players will help you out!

The full version has a lot more content. Starting chapter 2, the routes dive deeper in their distinctive story. I'm glad Zeikun  made a good impression even though he is a jerk, haha. 

A lot of effort and love was put into the art. The soundtracks were especially composed for this game.  Thank you for the praises!

If you like to see more of the side characters, I recommend to play other routes. They have different roles and interactions with the MC. By completing all 16 endings, you unlock the bonus scenes. Your suggestion is already taken in consideration.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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Uhm /whistle/ Keep playing the routes and you may find happier stories.
On the side note: I'm glad you're enjoying my references hehe