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Your commentary is always so amusing. Thank you for making another episode! Every route has different side characters and their contribution varies too. Although, in the demo their roles are mayor. Heavier twists are in next chapters, hehe. I'm glad to know you enjoyed it!

I'm glad to know! Spreading the word will help us. Share the game within your circle, maybe others will consider to give a try.
It is my pleasure to develop a game that gives you joy!

Thank you! I did my best to design appealing aesthetics. I love painting starry and cloudy skies. As you see, there are many variations of it in game. I'm glad one of the main characters caught your attention. Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for the lets play! I love to hear your comments and experiences. I look forward to more episodes if you consider!

I enjoyed watching your ride. Kurato's twists and surprises already starts in the demo. Your commentary made me laugh. It's funny that you predicted the character's thoughts. Thanks for covering up a whole route in the demo!  The quality of the video and sound are top notch. I look forward to your future videos.

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Not all horror have yanderes, and I think they aren't the scariest of the plot. There are no yandere characters in this game. Sorry to the yandere fans out here. It does have many other dere types though.

The project is still in development. I will post an update when the full version is out. I'm aiming to release it this year. The staff is past 70% editing and proof reading the script. Meanwhile I'm working on the art, programming and writing the extra features. 

I'm glad you liked it so far! 

Haha, development is fun and a pain at the same time.  I've been working on it for so long that I had to drop my thoughts somewhere.  I look forward to hear your thoughts about other routes! Have fun :)

I'm flattered to receive your praises. The demo shows only a little of what's coming up. I'm glad you like the side characters too! I gave them multiple roles in the plot and not just supporting the main characters.  I thought Sachiro is the least notable the way he is presented in the demo, but I'm glad you like him!

I'm glad you like them!

The fanfics and sketches are unlocked once you finish all 16 endings. In other words; they are only available in the full version.

Your comments are so fun. I laughed at the way you suspect everything and everyone.
Thank you for this video, I look forward to hear more!

There is a map of the forest, but it looks like a stupid 1 second doodle lol. You'll get to see the maps in game. It is hidden somewhere in the cutscenes.

How I love long reviews like this. 

Even though none of LIs ticked your ideal boxes, I'm glad the characters are still got you interested. One of the reasons the word count is so high, is that the choices lead to very different events. I tried to make the choices entertaining and not just a variation in responses. The taste in Kurato's route is only the beginning hehe. I have no regret putting a branch in the first chapter. 

The characters have various personalities as well as the side characters. I hope to hear from you again in the full game! Who knows if your opinion of the characters change.

Thank you for doing another part! Your reactions are entertaining. I want to tell the game is pretty long, even for a demo it might take a few hours to play through. I hope you'll enjoy the rest!

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Yay part 2! Thank you again for proving feedback. It was so fun to hear your comments.
You reached right at the part where the story splits in 4 routes. I'm curious who caught your
interest the most so far, or whose story you decide to explore first. 

Praises to the team for the song, hehe. 

I haven't heard someone going so crazy over the background art, haha. I'm flattered by your praises.
I enjoyed watching your reactions. Thank you for giving this game a try! I look forward to more parts
if you continue.

I can understand that! Often I wait for the full game to release so I can binge through. 
If you still consider to sneak peak, let me know your thoughts!

Haha, I'm flattered. The speed is just right and readable. Thank you for featuring this game on your channel!
I'd love to hear your reactions/commentary!

The demo has a lot of content, more than you'd usually expect. I've been working on it for a long time, I want to show my efforts. The prologue doesn't have any choices until the end. The individual routes got more and some even affect the outcome even though it's a demo. I'm glad your first impressions are positive!

Thank you so much for the let's play video! I watching your reactions was fun xD I'm glad that your thoughts are positive so far.
I look forward to the second part, if you are continuing!

I'm flattered to see a let's play video! I enjoyed to hear your life reactions. The way you pronounced their names got me laughing.
Your pointer about sound effects; I'll definitely add more for better experience. 

When you download, you get  files for both windows and and Mac. The 'win' is for windows. 

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You can join our discord channel and report the errors/bugs in the  "error-report" channel.
At the moment I'm working on the script after receiving some reports. In discord you can chat with us and check if your findings overlap with others. Another option is to e-mail the screenshots to:
Thank you!