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Thank you so much for replying!

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Hi Pinlin, I really love Dark Nights! the characters are all super interesting and their design are top notch, the art is amazing and the music is great!

I do have have some questions tho, haha, to be honest all of the supporting characters ( Chain, Jace , Blace , Roya and Kaichi) really caught my eyes. Is there an chance of getting their routes ? I´m definitely routing for a Chain one.

I still have to play sachiro´s route but roya seems to be keep dying ? Is that an important part of the story? He did seem to try to be a bit of a better person in Junoru´s route when he tried to cook, I wonder if there can´t be a" happy endnig" for him well he did say in kurato´s route that he wants to die but I don´t think he really wanted to more like he knew, he is goint to get killed sooner or later.

And I find it a bit odd how chain didn´t kill kurato after he found out he has been cursed, I thought he would show no mercy but thats not case.

( my favourite route is Junoru´s btw I reaaaally love him)

Thank you for creating this wondeful game! Looking forward of more ! ( sorry my english is not the best)