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This looks awesome, was going to buy, but it wants my home address for some  "2015 VAT MOSS regulations for EU" nonsense. I am not in the EU, can I just give it garbage info, or there some other way to purchase?

Hi! I have no idea on how handles VAT and so...
But you can also purchase it on this DriveThruRPG link if it's easier for you.

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Hi Ashen

Bought the Alcor pamplet in drivethrew today, nice pice, however seems to be V2?

KR Rasmus Aaen.  

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Hi Rasmus! I just updated the files on Drivethru to V5 (International printing format) and V6  (American printing format).  Just minor format changes.

Ok thanks Victor.

Nice Work by the way. 🙂