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Rasmus a

A member registered Aug 13, 2021

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Thanks Gordinaak

Bought the module it, looks promesing.馃檪

I have one question regarding building the Mechs.

So  fuel supply 4, leavs you with fuel max at 2, Is that correct a assomption?

How far can that take you, is there a calculater for that, or is it op to the Warden to decide a mileage pr.fuel?

KR Rasmus

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Is it copatible with mothership system stats, or a new system, if you want to use mech and so on in other modules?

Ok thanks Victor.

Nice Work by the way. 馃檪

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Hi Ashen

Bought the Alcor pamplet in drivethrew today, nice pice, however seems to be V2?

KR Rasmus Aaen.