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Is it copatible with mothership system stats, or a new system, if you want to use mech and so on in other modules?

The stats are compatible with Mothership and it's modules as far as power balance I'm not so sure.

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Thanks Gordinaak

Bought the module it, looks promesing.🙂

I have one question regarding building the Mechs.

So  fuel supply 4, leavs you with fuel max at 2, Is that correct a assomption?

How far can that take you, is there a calculater for that, or is it op to the Warden to decide a mileage pr.fuel?

KR Rasmus

So I do one combat action per fuel,  and don't worry about it too much outside of combat. For me its like a short range weapon. In the next version this will for sure be explored more in depth.