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¡Corregido! ¡Gracias!

Thanks! Sorry for being late!
Yes, there is a commercial license available, check the files and you will find my email! ;)

^_^ Thanks!

I've found some small details reading the PDF today:

14-19 - Gifts / Curses lack the number to see what you get.
37- Jane Doe special ability is cut in half?  "Absorbs 1 point of damage from anything targeting you as [???]"

(I've only read up to page 50 yet, I will update this as I find other details)

Wow thanks! <3

Hi! Yes, those are intended for personal or non commercial use (hence the CC BY-NC 4.0), but I'm currently licensing the this and the SFCP2 packs together for commercial use. My contact email is in the THANKS FOR SUPPORTING ME txt file.

Thanks a lot! <3

Gracias a ti!

"Four to FIFTY players"

Oh, gods, please take care of that poor referee's soul!
(Literally laughing out loud.)

Yes, my contact information is on the "THANKS FOR SUPPORTING ME! Read me!.txt" file!

That's a really good idea indeed!

Maybe in the next pack. Also, I would ask the community first for ideas about what kinds of aliens would they like to see.
My idea is, if I go ahead and include them with the next pack, to begging with Traveller aliens. But any suggestions will be welcomed!

Yes! I'd consider doing a fantasy pack. In fact this pack (and the second one) are inspired by a running section on the late 90's/early 2000's Dragon Magazine that was basically a single page with a dozen black and white character portraits for players to photocopy and use on their games.
It seems I forgot to add my contact email to the "Thanks for supporting me.txt" file. I will update it now!

Oh, I didn't knew about that game. I will check it out!


My Body is a Cage community · Created a new topic Errata

The page 33 of the PDF reads:

Roll a d20 when using a scroll, drinking a potion, or casting a spell."

Shouldn't that d20 be a d10?

Also, there is a minor spelling error on the same page:

Roll dice baesd on what action(s) you want to perform on your turn.

Both errors appear in the final PDF and the Word document.

THANKS! Lots of love!

Theoretically are different , check twice. If problems persist telle me and I will upload a single file with all the portraits.

Thanks! More to come on the way!

In need of even more character portraits after the 100+ of the first pack?

An asset pack of character portraits usable with any sci-fi game like Mothership, Traveller, Death Among the Stars, Night Tripper, Lancer RPG,  Aliens, Infinity, Mechwarrior or whatever your favourite setting or game is! That includes both TTRPG games and digital ones as well.

Curated to have a diverse cast of portraits of different age, constitution, ethnic background, hairstyles, attitudes and levels of accessorizing! And also androids!


Released under the CC BY-NC 4.0  international license.


(1 edit)

Hi Rasmus! I just updated the files on Drivethru to V5 (International printing format) and V6  (American printing format).  Just minor format changes.



ABSOLUTELY! Go wild! Mix-match em, swap noses, eyes, whatever.
As long as is for personal use only! ;)

Have lot's of fun!

Thanks you very much!   :D
If you like them, share the link on Twitter or your favourite social network!   ;)

Thanks a lot!

(thumbs up)

Hi! I have no idea on how handles VAT and so...
But you can also purchase it on this DriveThruRPG link if it's easier for you.

Currently I'm not considering it and I'm sticking to punctual work-for-hire. But I promise to look a bit more into it and I will update the product description (and add an appropriate post) if I find a way to make it work world-wide.
It's a complicated issue because I reside in the European Union and, although we have a common intellectual property legislation, there are important differences between member states. Other countries are completely different animals to tackle. Although I'd being told it has being streamlined in the last years I probably should consult a lawyer foremost no matter what. 

TL;DR: Not now. Probably later. I will totally look into it.

Thank you for checking them out! ;)


-Oh shiiiit!

Thanks you, mate!