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I bought your work because I thought it was very cool.
But the card holding the sword feels a bit cruel.
Can I edit this part and use it commercially?
(I want to use it in a puzzle game.)

The reason for inquiring is that its license is [CC BY-ND 4.0].

In this regard, I saw an answer written two months ago.
Most of the questions have been answered, but there are still problems.

  • Can I delete the sword from the [Sword Stuck King] card?
  • Can I change the sword of the [Queen with the Bloody Sword] card to a rose?
  • Can I remove the blood from the figure of [J holding a spear while bleeding] and change the spear to a quill?

(If the license is violated, the project must be stopped, so we will seriously asked you.)


Greetings, beings! I keep going back and forth about this. In one way I have to say no, because the cruelty is the point, given the lore built into the art piece as well as the the history behind the printing of the "suicide king" in card decks. It just doesn't "work" without it. They are hearts of war, and the reward for that way of thinking is more ruin and death. 

On the other hand, and for a much more practical reason, also no... I will patch in a "cruelty free" version for everyone, in case there are more peoples who would prefer a less-bloody piece. I still need them to be linked to that core theme. Please give me a day to sort the statics. If the patch won't work for you we can talk offline after.

"If the feeling of that suit's kingdom is going to be changed they don't get to be romantic and enlightened. They shall be broken hearts, if you will. Chalk it up to love lost. No quills." - Greebs the Heartless. 

I wanna reply again, so I shall! I want to try something new... and specifically for you, because I want to say yes to this one but need more info about it and just straight up help if you need it. Can you please email