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My Memory

This is amusing brain game.

This is amusing brain game. You can test and training your memory with amusing.

How good is your memory?

You can testing and training your memory with amusing.

My Memory is a game where you match several images made up of a pair.

✔️ Simple design

 ✔️ Cute images

 ✔️ 4 modes

 ✔️ 12 difficulty levels

 ✔️ For everyone

 ✔️ 12 languages supported

Open source used:

Please let us know in the comments what was translated incorrectly. My skills are not good. 😁 Alternatively, you can improve your translation by participating in the POEditor project.

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I bought your work because I thought it was very cool.
But the card holding the sword feels a bit cruel.
Can I edit this part and use it commercially?
(I want to use it in a puzzle game.)

The reason for inquiring is that its license is [CC BY-ND 4.0].

In this regard, I saw an answer written two months ago.
Most of the questions have been answered, but there are still problems.

  • Can I delete the sword from the [Sword Stuck King] card?
  • Can I change the sword of the [Queen with the Bloody Sword] card to a rose?
  • Can I remove the blood from the figure of [J holding a spear while bleeding] and change the spear to a quill?

(If the license is violated, the project must be stopped, so we will seriously asked you.)