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Really good demo! I really liked the environment and the use of the lighter and camera. Its a small nitpick but it may help feel more natural if the lighter and camera buttons were switched since they appear on opposite sides of the screen. Also, when looking for the dead bodies in the freezer section maybe a little green light to show us which is occupied?(Opening all of them is not that fun since you can't between them) The camera flash is a bit too fast, if you could make it slower or at least have the flash fade a bit slower for us to be able to see what is in front of us. Lastly, the beginning part is a bit slow. If you could add some small jump-scares/hallucinations that would hook people to keep watching/playing a bit more. I had fun playing it and I hope to see the full release in the future!

Hi Berry, thank you for playing! We appreciate the valuable feedback and glad you had fun!

We didn't think about switching 1/2 keys, that's indeed more appropriate key bindings (although you can self-bind them in the settings menu), we will consider this into upcoming updates.

Regarding the freezers, we don't expect players to open each and every one of them, the journal notes tell you exactly which one should be occupied, we did an awful job of explaining the importance of reading through the journal notes, and it's already fixed and will be better explained in the upcoming update 3 days away.

We took notes of the rest of your feedback, thank you for taking the time to play. :)