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This was a very unique approach to an analog horror game. I really enjoyed the switching back and forth of two different perspectives. The song is probably the creepiest part for me. Fantastic job!

Its another fun Bored Leviathan game! I enjoyed this one, I thought the creepy kids following you was the best part of the game. I can't believe you woke me up in the middle of the night for this! It must have been my playthrough or I got lucky but I was hoping to have to handle both kids simultaneously somewhere in the house. It would really increase the tension even further. Thanks for making a great game! Its been fun watching you grow as a horror game developer.

Ha! I loved your humor in this game. The bizarre situations and I was impressed how much fun it was to play. Looking at your profile it looks like this was your second game so far. Reading from the other comments, props to you for making a great game at an early age. Keep it going. I will be rooting for you

Whoa really cool point and click game! I think the artwork fits really well for this type of game. Never was a fan of clowns, but this definitely assured me that I still don't like clowns haha. Hope to see more like this from you!

Very cool game! I love the approach to nostalgia. The hidden messages and tape really took this game to another level. It was quite creepy.

Ah yes, Corpsepile! After Bad Ben I knew the next one was going to be a good game. Glad I played it, despite its difficulty I had an awesome time. Looking forward to the next one!

Wow, that really threw me off! Haha I really liked the unexpected surprise. I think you did a very cool unique approach to a horror game. I do wish the endings were a bit more animated. Overall, great short horror experience! Thanks for making it!

Nice! The second episode was a lot of fun! It got me a couple times. I liked the subtle things that I noticed during each of my playthrough of the game. Can't wait for episode 3!

Oh wow this was an old video of mine. Haha I'm glad you enjoyed the video enough to subscribe. Thank you for your support! I hoping to get back on YouTube soon and make more videos.

Wow this was an experience! I really liked the inspiration from the Mandela Catalog videos. This is a really unique game and by the time I finished the game, I wanted more!. The ending left me really unsettled. Great job!
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Hey VisceralError! This was a cool short game. It was an improvement from the last horror game you made. There are some good scary moments. However, I did find a small glitch where if you died at the tv part, the medicine cabinet would reset as well. So you could pick up an extra bottle of amphetamine every time you load the game. The monster was creepy, but slightly confusing. Was I looking at the chin or a tongue when I was being attacked? I thought the story was very spooky. Thanks for the making the game. Keep it up!

Ah yes, Max Horror, you are showing great growth in your path as a game developer. After playing your previous game, The Book, I knew I had to try this one out. The game was done really well. Short texts to read, pretty environment, and spooky moments. My biggest critique is that the vent scene is a bit too slow. It takes away the feel of urgency too much. If you sped up the animation and movement speed, it would be a lot scarier. I would also lower the brightness of the lights in that hallway as well. Its the climax of the game, it should the scariest moment. Thanks for making the game! Had a blast and looking forward to more from you!

Beautifully done. I liked the "Situational Awareness" button. Haha. Its refreshing to see a satire game every now and then. After playing so many horror game you start to see similar tricks that many horror developers use and they tend to get quite stale. I had a great time playing this game.  I hope to see more from you! You have a great sense of humor.

Hey! I played the old demo a while back and I saw this new demo. I just had to play it since the old one was fantastic. Wow, I am impressed by the difference you have made in the past year and half. The gameplay is just fun and unique. I found a bug weirdly enough where I could bring in the rain with me from outside. I threw a coffee mug outside and the rain joined me. I have wishlisted this game on steam and I cannot wait for the full release! Great Job Darkstone! I wish you success.

Ah yes, the Mr. Jorkman creator haha. I was curious where you took your next game. I thought you did a good job of creating a tense environment. I do wish it had some plot or story that explains my purpose at this hotel. Overall, fun short enjoyable experience!

This was a great slow horror game. I loved the mystery of the cult and sporadic part of the "lost VHS tape." I didn't fully experience the sounds due to my deafness but I still had an enjoyable experience. Thanks for making the game! Looking forward to more from ScaryCube.

Nice short horror game! I thought the graphics were well done and the monster is quite spooky. I like the story is told in short burst and allows me to fill in the gaps. My biggest critique would be to add some sort of image or texture in the cabinet while hiding. A pitch black screen kind of takes away the immersion. Great job guys.

This was a very cool horror game. I had fun trying to collect all the pieces and escape from this awful nightmare. At times I didn't even notice how close the killer was to me until he started hitting me. Haha, its  not the game it is all me due to my deafness. Also, I stated some of my critiques at the end of the video. I hope you have another one coming out for Halloween! Thanks for making the game and I am looking forward to more from you!

After washing all my clothes, the serial killer threw all of my laundry out. I witnessed it all unfold.

I thought this was a fantastic game! Love the little details such as the comic book, gameboy, and the tv shows. Spookiness of this game was great. Great job Torture Star Video! Looking forward to possibly....Bloodwash 2?

This was a really beautiful game. I thought the whole concept of serenading souls to the afterlife was very unique. However, I do wish there were a story of some sort or at least a reason why you are making this last symphony. I thought the monster design were very colorful. I played the Restrung version in the video, which I think looks the best. I hope that you will expand on this game and add maybe a survival aspect or any other game mechanic to really boost the experience.

Alright, this was an interesting demo. I never thought I would be immersed in a mostly sound based game with very little set dressing. Glad you proved me wrong. Also, You got me a couple time with those jump scares haha. I can see that you are working growing this game a bit more and I am excited to see what lore you will add to this odd place. If I have any critiques for this game would be to add a story, a bit more color to the environment, and slightly reduce the walking distance to some places. Overall, I had fun and keep it up!

Nice short horror game. I thought the pacing was solid as you explore the house. Great job MoiDev!

This was a really cool gentle horror game. I thought your storytelling was superb. Thanks for making the game! I had a lot of fun playing it.

Wow this was great! I love the whole classic alien abduction vibe from this game. I am excited for the full release on steam. I am curious how you guys as the developers think what the greys do to the humans on their ship. 

Ah yes, another Azaxor game. I really enjoyed this game. I thought the game was fun and was a very unique experience. My main critique for this game is that it has too much static reading involved. I know you wanted to cram in a lot of the backstory which is great. I do want to know a lot of creepy details. If you managed to make the readings shorter and add more environmental lore that would be a lot more entertaining. The doll itself is certainly creepy and definitely gives me the chills. I love the fact you tried to make something different than what you normally make and I hope you continue to grow as a developer! Now, I got to play your next game soon. (Your game in the video is the second one)

Hey! This was an awesome sequel! I really liked the fact you improved and expanded on the first game. I had an absolute blast playing this game. I'm not spoiling anything, but wow nice ending. I am super happy that it has subtitles as well which really shows that you guys went for the extra mile for this game. My only critique for this game is I want more haha. On a serious note, I would upscale the graphics for the safe. It looks a bit fuzzy since you zoom in pretty close. Also for the tutorial maybe force the player to interact with the locker to show that they can hide in there. Maybe you can grab a flashlight from the locker? I'm looking forward to the next game! (Your game in the video is the third one)

Oooh exciting! Alright I will check it out and see if I can make a video

I had this game on my wish list for a while and I wasn't sure if it would be worth my time playing it, but holy cow it is fun and creepy. I'm glad I made the purchase. I got the other two games as well. I hope in the fourth game you add multiplayer where one person handles the cameras while the other one fixes the anomalies. The secret ending is also really nice touch and not a lot of horror games have secrets endings.

This was a great atmospheric game! You guys did a great job of building up tension as the story progresses. I thought the sound design is top notch in this game and I was born deaf! Minor nitpick, but I would add a fixed camera angle showing the backpack and its items when you start the game. I missed it at first, but eventually found the backpack. There were some slow parts in the game and I can see that it is hard to find a good balance between building tension and action. I think you guys did a great job overall!

Ohhhh of course! Thanks for replying! Now it makes sense on the second ending.  Also, on the first ending I just missed your update. I will play it again tonight and see it for myself the updated version. I think you are the right path of creating fantastic horror games by leaving the story up for interpretation. Keep it up my man!

Ha! Loved the idea of a random slide in the woods in a horror game. I thought the game was fun and unique. The crawling part is a bit too long for me. If there was a monster chasing me in the tunnels it would make it much creepier and exciting. Other than that, I think you did a great job of creating a weird otherworldly environment. Thanks for making the game.

Cool game, I liked the idea of vetting employees at the security booth. The story is implemented well by placing random notes around. I thought both endings were a bit too confusing. I think the first ending was supposed to be a car? It may be moving too fast to see it well and the player can sometimes be looking at the wrong direction. Maybe adding a fixed camera angle for the first ending would help boost the player's understanding. Or maybe add a long falling sound. The second one makes no sense haha did I miss something? Overall, I enjoyed the game and I am looking forward to more from you!

Hey it's another Bored Leviathan game! I had fun playing this one. I thought the monster model was fantastic. I would love to know more about the syringes and the monster itself. Thanks for making the game! Looking forward to seeing more from you!

This was a neat first episode. I liked the common fear of being home alone as a kid. My main critique is to add more build up in the first half. Its a bit slow just doing normal household activities. Add some rustling noises coming from outside. Maybe some shadows in the windows to help create a stronger build to an uneasy atmosphere. The second half was really great. Overall, its a great start and I am looking forward to the other episodes. As Mason said "Your energy."

what! Sweet bun cakes, I wish listed the game.  Looking forward to it!

This was fantastic! I really enjoyed the narrative in this game. I thought you guys did a great job maintaining a good balance between being disorienting while still able to find my way around. The voice acting and 3D modeling  was spot on in this game. One minor flaw is the moment before interacting with the TV, its a bit too dark to see where to go. Overall, well done and I don't see too many horror games from Isart Digital but I would love to see more.

Don't let the thumbnail fool you. Your game was the first one in the video.

This was great! I loved the whole concept of handling emergency phone calls and choosing option how to handle the situation. I can see this game have a lot of potential for a larger game. Add some more unit management, for example choosing which unit to send while having limited resources, and how long it takes to respond. I had a blast playing this game and spinning the chair! Looking forward to more from you guys!

Don't let the thumbnail fool you. Your game in the video is the second one.

This was a great start for a promising game. I really liked the idea of solving puzzles in a meaningful way. It was a very well made atmosphere and story.  I gave some critique in the video about urgency in the game. Disabling run is a bit odd since it removes the pressure of time. I know why the character can't run, but it still felt too weak of a reason. It made the character act like he doesn't truly desire to live. I probably can assume you will have sprinting in the full game. For the demo maybe let the player have a much shorter sprint (one or two seconds long) to show that he is trying to survive. Other than that, the game is really exciting and I have wish listed the game on steam. I can't wait to solve more puzzles!

Heeeey nice game! I thought the graphics were really well done! It looks like this was your first project. I'm impressed. I do have a few critiques to help you grow as a developer. I thought the pacing and monsters were great. The instructions on the wall is always a cool way to introduce themselves. The game could use a bit more mood lighting in the later half of the game. Maybe have a lightbulb break when the monster runs past you. Let the flashlight do a bit more work when inspecting the ritual in the basement. The ending was a nice touch. As for sound, I got nothing I'm deaf haha. I hope to see more from you!