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I know I'm late to the scene but I plan on catching up on your games! I just beat this game as my first one! I absolutely loved it. The comedy, horror, and dynamic aspects of the game were just a blast. The gun is really hard to aim but it did add more the horror element. There were a few bugs such as a red block appearing on my character at times, and if I opened a door too fast the character model get stuck outside. I thought the dialogue was my favorite part about the game. Overall, it is superb and can't believe I haven't played this game sooner.

I really liked this unique approach to a horror game. I know it was made in 72 hours, but I think you may something solid for a bigger game here. Hunting for clues and piecing together the whole picture was really fun. Maybe in a larger game you could pepper in more spooks or backstory. Thanks for making the game!

Really?! The microwave? Man you got me good. I thought this game was great. I do wish it had subtitles but I know how time consuming it can be to add subtitles but I still had fun playing the game. The jumpscares were well done. I am curious to see more from you in the future.

Alright nice short game! It was a cool experience going into multiple nightmares. The camera seems almost useless? I may be using it wrong but I still managed to beat it. Thanks for making it! I had fun.

For your first game it was pretty good! I thought the setting was creepy and realistic. Scaring people based on things that could happen in real life is a solid way to go. I hope to see more from you and watch you grow your game development skills!

I really enjoyed the unique approach in this game. Being a hitman in a horror game was a exciting concept to play. It took me a couple tries but I managed to beat the game. I had fun playing this game and I am looking forward to more games from you guys!

Alright, interesting horror game. You did a good job of setting up the suspense and the atmosphere. The ending was abrupt and a bit vague. There a screen static scramble near the end of the game that made me confused. I found some video files in the game folder. I don't quite make the connection, but it definitely left an ominous feeling. Thanks for the making the game! Your game is the first one in the video.

Oh I beat it multiple times. It was great. The RNG for the numbers was a great idea. The "don't trust her" clue seemed to stay in place every time which is the one clue that seemed to be confused and overlooked with "darkness helps you".

Hey this looks like a great game coming on the horizon! This in-house survival game was pretty fun and scary. I know its the just the demo for now but I think the audio cues needs to be bumped up more. I am curious what the radio room is used for in the full release. I am looking forward to the full game.

Bravo my good man. I liked how you didn't take this game seriously and made one of the most bizarre game I have ever played. It was quite entertaining. Thank you for 10 minutes of fun.

Hey BoredLeviathan, this was a great game! I really liked the password hunt and the little clues around the place. This was probably the best one you have done yet! The one thing I would change is the location of the clue after the password so it doesn't look the same as the previous one. I have missed that clue multiple times, but I was able to figure it out on my own easily. Props to you man for making this game. (Your game is the last one in the video.)

Well well well this was an interesting take on a horror game. I like it. Were you drinking frogshine when you made this game? I already wish listed it on steam. I am looking forward to the full game. I do hope the full game will have more action and maybe finally unravel the mystery of this frog cult.

I knew this clown wasn't right in the head. You have truly captured the essence of this horrifying monster. I had a blast playing this game! I am curious what other horror games you will make now...  Thanks for making this game!

Very unique experience! At first I thought it was a thunderstorm, was I wrong! This game did a fantastic job of creating a very tense situation. It was deep too. I enjoyed this game a lot.  Your game is the last one in the video.

Very cool short horror game! I like the realistic hand and the red dixie cup. There were a few good moments. I think if you made the monster more grotesque you may get a stronger reaction to it. Thanks for making the game!

Oooh! Done! I can't wait to play it! 

Once again you have managed to spook me! I really like the style you approach in these games. The monsters, setting, and bizarreness of the whole situation is awesome. One little nitpick is make the keys a different color or brighter because the VHS style and the darkness makes it hard to see. I am curious if you are ever planning on doing a bigger game with a full story and adventure. You seems to do really well with these short horror games. Look forward to seeing more from you!

I really liked the vibrant colors of the house. I think you did a good job on the game with the story and the direction. I had fun playing the demo. I loved the intro, it had an unique charm to it. I am curious why this mysterious man is toying with me. I think the biggest hurdle for this game is the lack of a solid hook to make me buy the full game. The ending was quite abrupt and I felt like the story was concluded there. Maybe if you ended the demo at the start of the tunnels showing the player that there this huge area to explore in the full game. Thanks for the demo! I hope to see more from you.

This was really fun to play, but dang dude it is dark. Did you have a bad experience with SpongeBob at some point in your life? haha. I thought the graphics were great. The realistic gun really added that extra charm in this game. Props to you for making this game.

Wow great short horror game! I really like the holographic panels and style of the ship. You did a great job of building this spaceship. I would say maybe tone down the reflective surfaces a bit. Just the floor and ceiling would be enough. I really like the monster design. I just wish there was more to explore! Good job on the game!

I thought this short little game was really well made. The environment was definitely creepy and tense. I liked the theme of the basement. I think the first few loops were a bit slow, but it did pick up later on. I would add few more things to interact with in the first few loops to build up focus. Great job guys!

Very cool game! I really liked the dynamics between the arcade machine and reality. I thought the monster itself is a perfect match for this type of game theme. I hope in the full game release there will be more challenges for both in the arcade and the real world. Looking forward to the full game!

Interesting demo! I really liked the faith mechanic to dispel demons and objects. Being able to visually see how much faith is nice. I love the idea of exorcising a house and try to piece together a story through notes/demonic items. You scared me a couple times, I really like the monsters' appearances.

I do have a few critiques for the game. I feel like stamina is not being utilized in the demo at all. I hope you guys may have a reason for a stamina bar in the full game. There are a few grammar errors, but nothing too bad. The cross is a bit too close to the face when activating "faith" I would stick it out a bit further so you can see what is happening.

It looks like you guys worked hard on this game. The premise and direction are very exciting to see. I am looking forward to the full release on steam! Great job guys!

Yeah, urgency is big driving factor for a lot horror games but there are plenty that did well without it as well. You could try adding a timer or a reverse loading bar when selecting text options or just searching around in a room, if you wanted that moment of panic. Maybe you could try quick time events if you like. 

For the text breaks, a good example I can think of is during the demo where the shaking "YOU ARE WORTHLESS" appears. The "less" is truncated and goes to the next line which breaks the immersion a bit. Perhaps if you play around with the spacing of powerful statements such as this you could have one word on each line centered or flowing diagonally. The majority of the text so far in this demo is solid. The shaking text really makes it feel more interactive. Characters have their own text color which is awesome and they provide a paragraph gap after they finish talking. (except for that one time where Chris slapped his belly) Staying consistent with text spacing will go a long way so when you break that consistency on purpose it sends a different message in a strong way. I hope this makes sense haha.

 I would love to see your future builds and help you out in anyway I can. I don't mind either way to communicate via twitter or here in the comments. Good luck on your project!

Your game in the video is the last one.

Nice short horror game! I do share the same issues with others on this game that it is too dark overall or at least the flashlight is too narrow. The concept of the game itself is great. You got to room hop around the house to find a way out really adds the sense of dread. The monster himself is creepy, but the animation of being capture is not punchy enough. I would speed the animation up and make it closer. It felt weird to get caught then see him still running up to you again in the animation. I had a fun time playing this game. Thanks for making it!

Your game in the video is the second one

Ah hand cramp warning! haha I liked this short horror game. It took me a few tries, but I managed to get a rhythm down. I saw the monster once which is not enough for me. If the monster made its presence known before I get the books, it would have made the atmosphere creepier. For example, if the monster made noises, knock books down, and left a mark. I liked the mechanic of alternating footsteps to walk a lot. It looks like this is your first game, great job guys, keep it up.

I really liked the art style of this game. The start of the game is great. (I would secretly eat more cake than Chris) The splash of color is great throughout the house. I wish there were some splash of color on the monster as well. The game itself is not too scary, but did a great job of creating an unnerving atmosphere. I am curious what more is to come for the full game. I have a couple critiques for the game. One, I would avoid any word breaks in the text box to make it easier to read. Second, maybe change the color of the font when you highlight an item on screen. Sometimes the white get blended in. Overall, good job dude!

Wow, this game is awesome! Great job guys for making a fun short horror game. As a deaf person I struggled with the audio tape recorder, but it made it somehow more fun for me. I'm glad you added subtitles to the phone call. I also kept forgetting to turn off the light and got attacked a lot, the attacker is quite startling. I hope to see more from you guys!

Wow, I played both episodes in one video. I really liked the storytelling aspect in both games. I thought you did a great job with pacing and atmosphere. The final boss was interesting, I don't fully understand it, but maybe its for the best leaving it unknown. Maybe in the next episode we get some clues? If I had to give feedback, I would lower the screeching noise from the monsters a bit in the second episode. In the first episode the boat ride was a bit dull and slow. Overall, great job making the games! Looking forward to the next episode.

I liked the game. The ending was weird, I think I may gotten a bad angle, but overall it was fun. Grandpapa gave me the greatest gift of them all....fear.

Cute short little game. Interesting fear to have a kid. Not knowing what to do once the monster gets in would scare any kid. I had a fun short experience with this. Thanks for making it.

Ha, this was fun. This seems to be a common fear. Being late for class even though I already graduated. The tank controls seemed fitting for this type of game. Thanks for making it!

I think you did a great job of making fun of the common interview experience in the real world. As a deaf person I have gone through a lot of interviews due to not so subtle discrimination. However this game was fun and I liked the "options" given during the questions. If I were give feedback on this game it would be to add more Erik like elements. Add more unexpected dangerous moments, maybe in the caves areas. Thanks for making this game and made me laugh!

Ha I loved this short game. The upbeat music in the beginning to the dark end. At first I thought the mold was talking to me. Thanks for making this game.

Fun short story game you got here. I liked the premise and the scenery. The monster design is quite cool and creepy. I'm hoping in the expanded game you will add more horror elements and increase the fear factor. As it stands, its not scary but I still had fun exploring the story. Great job on the game. Looking forward to more from you!

This was a great game! I loved the flashlight point and click style. It was surprisingly immersive and scary. Thank you for making this game!
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Oh? I edited the text for you to keep it a secret. I will be more mindful of that in the future. :)

Very interesting game. I thought the setting and artistic style using lighting was cool. I do have a few feedback for the game. I would change the pose of the monster for each jump scare so it does not like it just copied and pasted into place. I would also change more of the environment each day to make it feel more like a day has passed. Seeing the same pizza and chicken everyday does not make it feel like its a different day. The story was fine you did a good job on the journal entries, and tying the pictures from the beginning to the end. Keep at it and keep improving.