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Not bad for a first game. Did a good job with the jumpscares. In the beginning I would try to add some sort of drive or goal to get things moving. Just wandering around aimlessly takes away the fun. Keep at it and thanks for making the game!

I liked the premise and style. Was the chat talking back? I felt like key words were programmed in the game to respond like "help" or "call". Overall a fun game and glad you made it! 

I liked it. Cool concept of a monster. I am looking forward to many future games from you! I think the lightning could be improved a bit more, maybe add more glow to the tubes in the lab. The items and environment was well done.

Well got all three endings. I liked it, it was a different pace than the other games. Too much coffee for me.

what the heck? baffling and silly. I enjoyed it.

Monster is great and creepy, I do wish the lights come on a bit earlier in hallways. Fun puzzle in the middle. Great job on the game! 

This made me laugh. I love how powerful my arm can be in this game.

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This has a lot of potential to be a great game! Monster sounds, approach, and environment is great.

There are few bugs and kinks to work out. I managed to beat it but I'm glad you added a health bar. I don't know if you got this bug before but if you run while getting the "z" tutorial it keeps the run animation going without holding shift.

Its a nice short experience. It is possible to win?

Its a great story. Brutal yet interesting.

Wow after playing the first one. I had a great time. I knew I had to find the next one to play. I hope you continue to make more short stories like these.

Wow this was great short adventure. I definitely felt like wanting more. You did a great job with the pixel art and storytelling.  I am looking forward to more from you! I think a whole series of these adventure would be epic. 

Nice job on the game! I liked the wandering aimlessly in the woods. It gave a great start to feeling hopeless. I think the old bit style enhanced the game play which is a nice touch. I look forward to any more games you make in the future!

Quick question was that me in the corner looking at myself?

Wonderful game! One man team for the game? I'm impressed it hit a lot of the good marks. One does wish the subtitles were a bit bigger. Audio sounds were on point and I'm hard of hearing

Interesting game, I personally think its too much reading and not enough environmental story telling. Overall I had fun exploring and looking for key items, trying to figure out puzzles. I got the alt ending heh and it was a nice touch.
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Really cool concept and great start! A few glitches here and there. For example, the needle stitching part is a little off. The circles are hovering over the actual spot for the needle to hit. Its easier to ignore the circles and aim for the fabric. Also if you hit the fabric before the spider does his job it cancels it out thus making it unable to cross over. As the fear factor of the game, its a bit weak. The monster design is great, but the driving force behind the monster is not strong enough. The plus side, great visual play, love the needle stitch mechanic. Can't wait for a full game to be release. Gotta know what happened to the mom!

Fun start of a game! I used an xbox controller and it works just fine. Only one suggestion is to have option for inverted Y-Axis. 

Interesting game. I liked the use of confusing me as a player with the home screen. I think if you wanted the player to die anyways the monster should be able to enter the side rooms.

Looking forward watching this game improve!

I think I downloaded it about 4 days ago?

Hey the jumpscare got me good! I was bit curious why two different crouch buttons? I tried my best to hear the audio on the VHS tapes, the first one was easy enough to understand but the other two I was lost. Maybe captions or some sort of visual aid would help a lot. I had fun playing the game. I liked the warping coffee mug that was unique.

Wow this is a trippy game. Its an interesting balance between mystery and horror. I liked it. It gives each player a different interpretation of the story.

Wow this is a great demo! I do wish that items in the inventory view were bigger. Its a little too small for quick viewing. Also maybe change the circle icon to a different color? Everything is already so green I think having a green circle for items kinda blends a bit too much.

The monsters are creepy and gross, its really cool. I am curious to see more of this!

Juice World community · Created a new topic Bizarre yet fun

It would be nice to have a more fleshed out story or some direction. Overall it was fun to play and just liked the silly ragdoll feel to it.

Starts at 22:00

I think the hotpot art style is well done. I think the main character is very cute.

Starts at 19:50

This is a very cool idea. I had fun playing it and I can easily see this grow into something really awesome. 

Starts at 18:30

Nice cute game. I'm glad you have it on mobile. This is a great quick game for time killing.

Starts at 11:02

Starts at 5:54

This is was great! I could quite tell what the guests were saying but I could tell I didn't exactly make them happy. haha

Start at 0:20

This was a really fun game to play! Reminds of good old days of Raiden.

Starts at 12:00

This was a creative game. I love the concept and I do wish sometimes you could see a bit more of the area. If the game zooms out a bit when the crowd get larger.

Starts at 1:20

Ha this was a fun game! You should make this a mobile game.

Starts at 0:30

Jump took some time to get used to but love the randomness. Keep it up!

Starts at 8:15

Wow it was one bizarre game. I give this a 2 farquaad out of a shronkey.

Starts at 3:57

Silly, fun, and simple. Well done.

Starts at 2:19

Beautifully crafted. I'm just glad you didn't go all out on the details...

Starts at 17:27

Wowza this is a hilarious game with great gameplay. The only gripe is that it can get a bit laggy. I tried the lowest settings and it still lags. I thought this was a lot of fun to play.

Starts at 9:15

This game was kill. Much ninja.

Starts at 7:42

This was unique and creative. Hats off to you sir. 

Starts at 5:45

I didn't do very was too alluring.

Starts at 0:35

haha I could not find the key but this was fun to play. The forks were a nice touch.

Starts at 1:05