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So I've been working on support for multiple characters! All characters need to fit 10x10 (or anything else in which a 8x10 collision mask makes sense), which limits it a little, but is probably a neat addition. Maybe I can also give the characters unique abilities but that's something I'll decide further down the line.


The first extra character to make it in is the Scarf Cat. It's one of the characters from one of my prototypes that never got finished, but I liked the character and recycled it here. I'll probably put in more characters from my previous games, provided they fit inside the 10x10 limitation... There's one little dude from a game I made three years ago that still regularly makes cameos in my games, which is probably the next one I'll add.

I've also implemented a system to send messages and feedback to me from within the game. This will allow me to gather more comments in case I would publish a demo, but will also be useful in an eventual full launch of the game. The feature was set up surprisingly fast with the GameJolt API and its corresponding Game Maker library.

Also working on implementing Sonic-like grind rails. Very tricky to get the momentum for that right, but I'll share a GIF of it as soon as I have the sloped rails working.