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So, is there anyway to turn up the difficulty? In skirmish mode, my opponent seems to only be capable of playing one sort-of-strong unit. I'd like to earn more cards, but if the cost of earning them is that I have to grind through miserably easy AI opponents, I don't really see the point of playing. My opponent should have 6 units just like me, and maybe just make it so the "quality" of the cards in his hand mirrors mine.

As a suggestion, this is a mini-bite sized game. Maybe don't make me have to EARN cards that I essentially paid for by buying the game. Please, unlock at least SOME of the cards so that I can get the experience that was promised: a team build card tactics game... Just give me 6 of three different cards and let me customize a team right off the bat.

TLDR: Make AI opponents follow the same rules I do (having 6 cards in their starting hand), and unlock at least 3 units at the start so that I can actually get to experience customizing my troops a little.


yeah that’s a good suggestion! I agree that the AI is too easy right now. I will look into it when i get back from vacation!

Hell yea. Enjoy your vacation sir. I really like the game actually. I'll look forward to any changes you make.