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I have a bug with the jump pad and Über.

  1. Whenever it BONK on the ceiling .it will slow the Über and make it STUCC.    >:(
  2. whenever it jump from the jump pad back to basic block it will move the opposite way     >:(

Hope you FIX IT! :p

                       from the guy who did the custom UI                                            :D

I'm not sure the landing thing is a bug, because it happened to me with numerous different blocks and also affected Elio (I haven't gotten past that so I'm not sure if it affects Cyber or the rest). Bug or feature, I've done some neat things with it so far

Hi Jet!

Thank you for this. I did fix the Über's jump to make it more natural, however, as Syrgpure wrote, moving the opposite way when landing from up high is intentional, so I didn't touch that ;)

I also fixed a couple of behaviours late game, tell me if you notice anything!

P.S: Have you unlocked Shiny yet?

Have fun

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so moving the opposite way when landing is a feature

no i hadn't unlock SHINY yet but i can unlock Elio

P.S : i don't know if it worth it to unlock Elio

Totally worth it ;)

are you dead ? why didn't you continue update this game ? are you making a new game project ?