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Chiel, hello! Thank you for your hardwork! ('0')/

You like Webtoons? I do too, I love them. It's my morning and night routine to read new chapters (I read English and Indonesian webtoons). I read a ton, but my faves are Let's Play (En), Suddenly I Became A Princess (Ind), and Loser Life (Ind). I read webtoons/manhwas too outside the Webtoon app, but I don't have any faves for now... Read lots and looots, Chiel! *.*

((Is Arya Jesus?? looool XD))

Happy birthday by the way! I'm right, right? Today is your birthday right? I remember I wished you a happy birthday last year, so that must mean I've been following your work for approximately a year!! Hoopla!!

You have been diligent, so I hope you'll just take a rest on this special day! I hope even if we are in the hardest times, you can still eat delicious food with your family!! Heheheh

P.S. I actually thought your birthday is yesterday cuz I remember it's either on our independence day. So, thinking I was late again, I checked. Turned out it's today! For once I'm not late!! XD

So on this special day I have a question to ask the boys: What are your honest thoughts about Chiel, as the author? *.*

OMG, I just wrote last week that Let's Play by Mongie is one of my fave! x'D I also followed it to read new chapters every week but sometimes, I'll leave it for a month so I can read more QuQ

Yes! Reading is life! Do you know I began to read chinese/korean novel translations ever since I found that website x'D There's no such thing as reading too much~

Thank you for the birthday greeting! You're right, it's on 18th August and I had a great time >///< <3 Time passed by so quickly. It feels like only yesterday I started programming Bermuda, but it's almost 3 years since then huh? Or is it already pass 3 years? *I'm so bad at time tracking OTL

As always, thank you for the support, PangHerHeart! *hugggs
Your question is noted~