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I am so excited for these new updates. Its brings so much joy anticleric. Going to enter the Low-Fi world now and see these new improvements. Edit: After i download the new file. LOL Edit 2: There seems to be a bug when you go in to the psych room to the right in the Police HQ, once you go in the door will not open back up and there is no way out. 


Ah, you have to get closer to the table to start the evaluation. I should make that radius a bit bigger :)
Thanks for the report, feedback and support! :)


Cancel that.. it was indeed broken. Putting out a hotfix now.


And, hot fix posted. :)
Thanks for bringing that to my attention.


Hello, Anticleric. I bought the game a few days back, and I sent you a G-Mail about the Discord Server. I hope it's not too much of a bother that I'm asking you here.

/ Anton

Hey Anton. Thanks for the support.
I didn't get your email though. Even checked spam. Can you try sending again? My name here at